Abdullah is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Wirehaired Vizsla and for a soldier is slightly on the extravagant side, in his soldier days he wears a white thawb and Izaar, a white keffiyeh, a black agal and a cream and gold bisht whilst in Argentina thise does not change except the bisht now changes to a black one. In his government time he wears a white thawb and izaar, a grey bisht and a white turban.


Abdullah hates Siad so much that he sees it necessary to impose Sharia law on him which essentially legalises flogging and stoning him, this ultimately results in the Saudi dogs throwing stones at Siad but not enough to kill him, however once Siad has been executed Abdullah retracts it. As soon as the A.P.F comes to power in Animalia he says that he will not steer his country to dictatorship again after visiting two former members of the Liberators of Animalia Vinayagomoorthy and Gopalaswamy and hearing about what they both discovered, together with Sabah he does not believe much censorship in Animalia to be a steer towards dictatorship. There will be times when he gets very false and manipulative and like the German vixen Herta he is a hero but acts like a villain at times.

Whilst Khalid enjoys science fiction Abdullah enjoys fantasy films in a way because he finds fantasy a lot more enjoyable than science fiction which he believes to be "absurd", like many others he loves the incompetence of the old resistance groups who he believes were the least prepared groups ever, even a member of the A.M.S Azra found them un-enjoyable and incompetent but she says that she wished she could take not only enemies prisoner but also female members of old resistance groups. There will be times when Abdullah is very cruel to most young Junta children the main ones being Basilio and Guillermo but it does not excuse his cruelty to the Junta babies at all, Basilio also learns to never get on Abdullah's bad side particularly in the dream world. Because of the Junta's collaborators he is suspicious of others around him notably females of Romanian, Latvian, Turkish, Greek and English descent, even the two female Romanian dogs Maria and Ioana even if he is very, very chivalrous. Behind this nature though he is extremely conniving and though he is cruel to young Junta children or the babies he's not bad with them but he's not good with them either. After the dictatorship though he is a lot less suspicious.

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