Abdullah is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after the late Saudi king Abdullah.


He is an anthropomorphic Braque Francais and alongside Khalid is the second Saudi dog to be of a French breed. In his soldier days he wears a light blue thawb and Izaar, a black and gold bisht, a white keffiyeh and a black agal whilst in his government time he wears a white thawb, a grey izaar, a brown bisht with gold markings, a white keffiyeh and a black agal.


Abdullah is often considered the most militarized Saudi dog in the A.P.F because when Roberto first meets Faisal Abdullah stands next to him and as the Saudi dogs are taken to a room he salutes, not only is he close to Faisal but he is also just as serious as him also displaying no care to Siad ensuring that Siad shall not appear in public again without being laughed at and this is the case with Siad's trial.

Nonetheless he is often considered a true Muslim and also causes as much curiosity in many young children as the other Saudi dogs and is better with them than Maung. Despite this there is still brutality in him believing that Siad should be executed and his loathing of him also leads to him leading the Saudi dogs torture of him, Abdullah also laughs at torture like a spectator spot but laughs more at humiliations as Siad is pushed through a group of the Junta's allies being humiliated. Though he is the most serious Saudi dog he jumps on the bandwagon with two of the A.P.F's worst singers Fahd and Faraj with singing to torment Siad, he is revealed to be just as dreadful a singer as the two dogs with many describing him as having no musical talent at all. But it is this which makes him found funny by young Junta children and the Junta babies, in his government time he has no change.

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