Aida is an Ecuadorian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the Ecuadorian general Vincente and his wife Anne and is the sister of Jeronimo.


She is often mistaken as being Polish because her fur is red but her clothing is white. Aida has red fur with a white muzzle and face with blue eyes and is one of few girls who wears a dress. Aida wears a white dress, white stockings and high heels. Unlike Mirjana's or Maarja's shoes which are black Aida's shoes are red.


Like the Serbian vixen Mirjana Aida's personality has an effect on her psychology. Whilst Mirjana is more softer and obedient and is bullied because of it often being called by Kayleigh a coward Aida is a very militant and arrogant vixen. Because of this she is called a savage and a barbarian by her enemies both at school and not at school. Unlike Kayleigh or any bullies Aida may be a bully but she is more sympathetic towards her friends particularly towards Mirjana , to her allies as well Aida is very, very headstrong but is fiercely loyal. Despite the fact she is called a savage she has very little care to how others perceive her and often says to Imogen "If I cared about what people perceive of me, my education or my fighting style I would not even leave my home"

Though she seems to be very aggressive Aida's fighting style is surprisingly graceful but at the same time it is also very deadly but she does not hesitate to use physical force be it graceful or not. All this aside she is very compassionate towards younger children in the Junta but even then she has problems with associating with children who are Not in the Junta and is very close to her own friends. Yet she sympathises with female members of the former Animalian Junta but this only comes in After their imprisonment.

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