Alexander is a Czech fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the son of the Czech general Gustav and his wife Ivana .


He was named after Alexander Dubcek.


Alongside many other Junta children namely Lana, Natalya and Miroslav he is one of the oldest children of the Junta. Alexander takes his fur color from his father but his fur is much lighter in comparison to his father's. He wears a black T-Shirt and military style trousers but like many other Junta children mainly the Junta boys as well as virtually every male character in the Anthro world he goes with bare feet.


Since he is one of the oldest children in the Junta Alexander has a slight authority questioning streak in his personality but nonetheless he is a rather loyal character to the Junta. Just as Filip and Branko treat each other like brothers the Bosnian fox Miroslav treats him like a brother and the two are very close to each other. When the boys are also grouped together Alexander and Miroslav are always often shown standing next to each other, much like the Brazilian fox Luiz he is often very cynical and like his father and more often his mother has a relatively dry sense of humor.

Just as Miroslav is protective of Natalya he is very protective of his girlfriend who in this case is the Latvian vixen Laimdota who collaborates with him on stage. As well as Laimdota Alexander and Gustav often collaborate with each other on stage at times and this comes in with Alexander's interest in the arts often playing sophisticated characters at one point taking the role of Mr. Bumble very, very seriously. However though he is meant to act horrible to the younger Junta children on stage mainly Guillermo who is five Alexander is often seen as a second father to him and though Miroslav and Natalya act as de facto parents to Guillermo and his siblings he and Laimdota often are said to be like de facto parents to the Junta babies.

His mother also calls him the curious fox because he and many others create a sense of curiosity among the Junta babies with Josefina playing with his tail when she first meets him as well as eventually Valerie playing with his tail when she first meets him. As well as his girlfriend Alexander is virtually chivalrous respecting pretty much all the older Junta girls as well as the Junta vixens and their female allies.