Alexandra is a former Animalian school bully and collaborator of the Animalian Junta. She is the rival of the leader of the Animalian military students Tatyana.


She is an anthropomorphic Cape Wild Dog who falls into the class of a collaborator leader and also the class of school bully. Like her rival she wears unusual clothing for a leader as she wears a lime green vest and black knee length sports leggings but she still goes barefoot.


Alexandra and Tatyana hate each other but Alexandra not only hates Tatyana but she also hates Zoia even more and as a result is classed as a xenophobe hating many Junta children which does not only include Zoia but it also includes those who are not even of Slavic descent, her Slavophobic personality also leads to hypocrisy because she is friendly with many Slavs herself which include those collaborators who are Romanian. But if there is anyone else that Alexandra hates more than Tatyana it is Mufasa's family and delights in making Nala suffer. She is also extremely arrogant and patronizing primarily to Nala.

Many A.M.S members call her a pure bully and alongside her friend Bianca is one of the most pettiest collaborators of the Junta seeing everything that goes against the Junta as a crime. But Alexandra is also desperate to save the Junta even in the Junta's very last days being extremely vengeful even to Tatyana when she gets out of prison and it is this vengefulness that leads to her arrest, Alexandra is also one of many who trusts Mechanikat to the end. Like many others she dreams of capturing female members of the Animalian Patriotic Front namely Yuliyana, Mara, Magda, Eugenie, Zoe, Maja, Nina, Ioana, Maria, Vida, Tanja, Mikhaylyna, Ruslana, Yulia, Mehriban, Asma and Sonya. With Bianca she sees the A.M.S is constantly harassed and humiliated in prison and when the A.P.F come for her she accepts no defeat.

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