Alfredo is a Paraguayan fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Roberto's left hand man serving with Augusto.


He has lighter fur than Roberto but darker fur than Scarface and is thought to be from Paraguay, put it this way try to imagine Fox from Animals of Farthing Wood and make him have blue fur. His most prominent features is that unlike most generals his face has a slight white-red tinge that looks like dried blood. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, black trousers and a black marshall jacket with a gold collar.


To his enemies Alfredo is the incarnation of evil, he destroys anyone who dares to cross the Junta's path to victory. Implicated in murder, torture and the eventual destruction and execution of one of the Anthro World's most hated animals Siad he has no remorse for virtually anything, but thankfully his methods of torture are not too barbaric because Roberto says that if they were then he would be out of the Junta "faster than you can say "Cauliflower"". Unlike Augusto he also objects to torturing Brainy showing a great hint of chivalry in himself.

But it is not only Brainy he shows respect towards but literally Any female in the anthro world especially if they can be trusted. That is why he trusts members of the Junta after Hunter has pardoned. Though he serves under Roberto and not in the Paraguayan faction of the Junta he also has a great amount of respect for the Paraguayan vixen Eligia and her daughter Graciela, Alfredo is also an admirer of the Animalian resistance crediting the guts they have because it shows the true determination and guts to bring down Mechanikat. In spite of his malign personality though Alfredo is relatively good with young Junta children but is admittedly better with older children than young children though it never alienates his relations with Santiago and Josefina. Many generals say he is better with them than virtually many allies of the Fox Junta and members of the Junta itself because Alfredo enjoys watching the babies.

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