Alfredo is an Argentine fox and a general in the National Protection Process and one of the Argentine foxes that founded the organization.


He was named after former Argentine president Alfredo St Jean and Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner


Compared to other members of the organization Alfredo's fur is white partially often making others believe that he is any nationality but Argentine. These range from Russian, Paraguayan, Uruguayan and virtually anything else but Argentine however how it is known he is Argentine is not entirely clear. Alfredo's clothing consists of a white marshal jacket which results in the nickname "white fox" and light blue trousers which others often think make him look Chilean.


Alfredo is just as loyal and obedient to Jorge as much as anyone else in the National Protection Process and is just as chivalrous as anyone else in the organization as well having great respect for female members of the Animalian patriotic Front, the N.P.P's women's faction, the vixens of the Fox Junta and it's sole female dog Brainy Barker. To a lot of Slavic female dogs he says that there are enough to make a secret service and they also have enough skills to be secret agents although many of them have been secret agents in their past however Charlie says that the organization does not need a secret service.

Though he is respectful to allies and enemies eventually he is completely unsympathetic to the cause of sheltering any other Junta suspect from arrest during the arrests of suspects of the Animalian Junta sorely promising to protect Brainy from the police, he originally put in place another military operation that would shelter all other actual members of the Animalian Junta but cancels it, the reason behind this is unknown though however he respects former members of the Animalian Junta. Much like Emilio and Orlando Alfredo obeys Jorge without cause but he is prone to periods of bad temper especially after Jorge storms out the room when Hunter refuses to not arrest Brainy. Nonetheless he is good with young Junta children as well as the Junta babies despite not being as playful as many others who meet them.

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