HNLMS Abraham van der Hulst

The Alligator gunboat is the name given to a gunboat used by the National Protection Process.


The Alligator was named after the reptile of the same name.


Alongside is one of five escort boats used by the National Protection Process during Operation Hood and alongside the Crocodile gunboat and the Walrus fast attack craft is one of those ships to be modelled off both a minesweeper and a Dutch ship as Alligator is modeled on HNLMS Abraham van der Hulst, a Dutch minesweeper during World War II.

Alongside the Crocodile gunboat, Alligator's namesake is also used for the form of a hostile alien race known as the Vraecalsa.


Length: 56.70 meters

Crew: 46

Type: Escort ship

Armament: 1 75 mm (3.0 in) gun, 2 × twin 12.7 mm machine guns

Maximum speed: 15 knots

Range: Unknown

Weight: 450 long tons

Users: National Protection Process

Battles and Operations: Operation Hood

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