Alphonse is a senior member of the Animalian Junta and alongside Red and Prince John is an overseer at the Trebdanek concentration camp .


He is an anthropomorphic Hyena wearing old style Soviet Marshall clothing similar to what Joseph Stalin would wear. Like other hyena characters Alphonse is a spotted Hyena and like other male characters he goes barefoot. Like many female guards at the camp as well as many male ones Alphonse is often seen carrying something as he often carries a mace but on occasion he carries what is known as a Ball Stick which is like a mace but has no spikes on it. On the rare occassion he also carries a crowbar. When he carries the ball stick he mainly uses it to beat small children usually breaking a limb which is why nearly all his victims have three limbs. On occassion he also kills them by hitting them on the head fractuing their skull or on their back fracturing their spine either killing them or paralysing them.


Though Carface is a cruel character Alphonse puts him and other cruel characters to shame and is known for his extreme brutality and supreme organization skills as he is one of the main organisers of the Animalian Genocide which leads to the death of 500,000 Animalians. He is also involved in deportations and is very misnathrophic but is a very cunning and dangerous character. His sadism also gives him the name "Animalia's Caligula" as he forces victims to watch executions and "The Animal Nero" because he also becomes the first to use oil torture often pouring boiling oil on a victim usually killing them.


Alphonse is one of the senior members involved in the running of Trebdanek concentration camp and is the overseer of the transit center Majlinka where prisoners are sent until they are transferred to other camps or detention centers which he rules through Force, Agression, Violence and Fear and also with an iron hand. After serving two months there he is transferred to spend the rest of the dictatorship at Trebdanek and is one of the few to actually escape the camp. He rallies the remaining male guards and tries to persuade Hannah to flee as well but she refuses and says her decision to be the last to leave is inevitable. Alphonse and his allies then flee on the Metro and after leaving Animalia split up and he flees to Chile until he then flees to Poland. But his stay in Poland is short as the Grey Hand forces him out.

After being forced out of Poland Alphonse flees to England. Today he lives in London. Despite being one of the most brutal and barbaric members of the Junta no attempt has been made to extradite Alphonse.

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