Alya is a former Animalian revolutionary and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Aardwolf who is a member of the prison guards in the System and alongside Nadia is one of the two recognizable ones and also one to wear sports clothing however whilst Tatyana, Gulnara, Olga and Yefrosina wear clothing for on land Alya wears clothing for in the water as she wears a black rubber wetsuit with black rubber gloves and a grey swim cap also being the only member of any organization to wear head wear the exception being most Asian female dogs in the A.P.F but this is because they are Muslims.


Though Yulia is one of the most sympathetic members of the A.M.S Alya is argubaly much more sympathetic than her which leads to her often being considered the most sympathetic almost on the same level as one of her enemies Louise. However in Louise's case when she starts off fully supportive of Mechanikat then gradually deteriorates Alya starts off being the same but has periods of sympathy then periods of being unsympathetic to enemies. She is also just as loyal to Katya and Natalya as they are to Tanya, though she is a guard she is much more active and ultimately her activeness leads to Tatyana transferring her to an agent.

Her transfer to agent is also suitable because she is a very skilled gymnast almost on the same level as Asma, Nina, Mehriban, Mikhaylyna, Ruslana and Yulia in the Animalian Patriotic Front. Because she wears water sports clothing she is also just as energetic as those who also wear sports clothing, her sympathetic personality comes in more when she is in prison but she is also just as good with all sorts of weaponry as anyone else. Her sympathetic personality also leads to her accepting her arrest unlike most members of the A.M.S.


Alya serves under the A.M.S first as a prison guard and then as an agent when she is involved in sheltering thousands of prisoners of the Junta but in the end during the last fight she is arrested by the Junta and imprisoned for the Junta's last years until her release from prison at which point she is rehabilitated by Hunter and the government alongside the rest of the A.M.S and is rewarded by Roberto and the Fox Junta for her efforts in fighting against the Animalian Junta.

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