Amantha is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia's women's wing.


She is an anthropomorphic Bluetick Coonhound and is shown as hgihly arrogant through her clothing. She wears Tamil Tiger style uniform in dark green, a brown belt across her waist and whilst most L.O.A females wear combat boots Amantha wears black jump boots. She is also shown as one of the most aggressive having a machine gun slung over her shoulder as well as throwing knives in her belt where a pistol would usually be.


Amantha is perhaps best well known as the most disciplined and militaristic soldier ever known especially when she is in the resistance. She is also very well known for her arrogance and beliefs that because she tends to be higher up then she can throw her weight around and this is the mentality of her own enemies. Many other allies also say that she is more of a soldier in the army than an armed group, her serious personality also makes her see superstition as something not to be believed in.

She is also well known for her very cynical personality as well as her very suspicious and vigilant personality. And it is this that makes Chandrika and others consider her too arrogant and revolutionary to be an effective leader, Amantha is also well known for her self discipline and quiet personality as she rarely, if ever, speaks. She also has the rare distinction of being not only skilled with guns but throwing knives frequently practicing throwing knives either at fake or real enemies.

These real enemies are mostly compromised of those P.O.Ws captured by the resistance. But she not only uses throwing knives but also Sai using them as knives. She commonly uses them because she says that throwing knives are more heavier and weighted so they can't be accurate. She is also well known for her brave and daring personality and strong patriotism in defeat.

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