Anastasio is a Nicaraguan fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the leader of the Nicaraguan faction and is the husband of Rosario and the father of Lorenzo.


He was named after former Nicaraguan dictators Anastasio Somoza Garcia and his son Anastasio Somoza Debayle


Much like his wife he has very light blue fur that almost looks turquoise in colour,. this colour is also the same as his underbelly whilst his muzzle and face are white. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga just as the Venezuelan general Guillermo has the style of Marcos Perez Jimenez Anastasio has the style of Nicaragua's first dictator Anastasio Somoza Garcia. He speaks English, German and Spanish and has understanding of Bengali and Arabic.


Compared to his wife Rosario Anastasio is far more practical, serious and cynical but is also rather hypocritical at times. He says he hates large wealth because most people who are wealthy are either extremely arrogant, have had it money laundered or got it through any other indecent way yet he does have extravagant tastes and even though he hates extravagance he does respect the French general Marcel who is shown to be rather extravagant primarily in Argentina, in his case though it is Marcel's wife Marie who is more the extravagant one. Anastasio's bedroom which he shares with his wife and son also has a few expensive looking equipment especially about five to ten fountain pens, ballpoint pens in silver or chrome, a leather look portfolio and other sets of stationary. His son also comments on his tastes with "Talk about professional".

Because he is the leader of a faction in the Junta he is a fair leader but towards his son he may not be as strict as Hugo, Leonid or Heriberto but he is more strict on Lorenzo than Rosario, as well as large wealth he also disapproves of high standards such as those shown in Renaissance Italy and those shown by world leaders. He is rather warlike not seeing war as an atrocity but as sport and not believing torture being an atrocity simply saying "Our enemies practice torture. Shouldn't we do the same?" he also adds "If you want to defeat the enemy, you have to Think like the enemy". He enjoys Hafizullah's stories but is very cynical often disapproving of his son's fun loving personality, to enemies he virtually gives no chances (much) saying "If you see the enemy, shoot on sight" however he says this only goes for male enemies but eventually gives pardoned male members of the Animalian Junta a chance. Whilst he does disapprove of "American" humour which usually revolves around swearing he is appreciative of the arts enjoying Jorge's composition and Arnold's impressions of the Green Goblin. But despite his flaws Anastasio does love his wife and son.

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