Andris is a Latvian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the leader of the Latvian faction.


Unlike most foxes and vixens who have red or blue fur with some having white fur he has burgundy like fur with a white face and a white underbelly. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, black trousers, a black jacket with a red collar and navy blue shoulder pads, he is also said to turn the Latvian faction into  one of the most disciplined factions in the Junta.


Andris alongside the other Latvian generals Gustavs, Alberts, Guntis and Valdis is said to have a very ominous presence and is also described as having a "malign" influence on enemies. His influence however makes him a deeply charismatic leader and in particular his presence is felt dramatically by the Junta babies who he scares but on scaring them he has as much compassion to the babies as Gustavs and Luiz, very little. 

Nobody hates Siad as much as Andris does and this is because he believes that once Siad has been tortured, interrogated, harassed, intimidated and finally executed by the Fox Junta and it's allies then he got what he deserved. He also hopes on broadcasting the execution round Animalia as a warning to the Junta and it's collaborators but the Junta shows as much a reaction as he does with the reactions being more celebratory than melancholy. But one Junta ally is foolish enough to cry dramatically and as a result he is arrested, very hastily and shoddily tried so shoddily in fact that it doesn't look like a trial at all and if you think about most trials these take months but in this trials case it is about 5 to 10 minutes if not seconds before the accused is then executed.

Even if Siad's trial is fake it does not alter the fact that Andris still disapproves of it, he is also very strong able to take out Gustavs by wrestling him on stage and manages to beat Guntis in a staged arm wrestle, he does not beat Alberts because he backs out and instead of defeating Valdis Valdis defeats Andris. But he is also very formal respecting Valdis's wife Dace and daughter Laimdota greatly and also respecting the Estonian vixen Evelin and her daughter Maarja. Even if he finds some of Siad's torture silly Andris still participates in it and enjoys it, but not only does he believe Siad's execution is what Siad deserved but he believes that the lion belongs in a supermax prison. But despite his nature he is relatively good with young Junta children being better with them than the babies.

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