Andrus is an Estonian fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the right hand man of the Estonian general Lennart.


Much like Orlando in the National Protection Process and the Guatemalan general Alejandro he has very light blue fur but because he is close to other Estonian generals his nationality is much easier to narrow down than most members. He also has a white underbelly, a white face and white hands. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt and a navy almost black marshall jacket and the same colour trousers. When dealing with Siad though he wears Egyptian style robes and an Egyptian style mask which makes him look like Sutekh.


Andrus is well known in the Fox Junta for his extreme disregard for male prisoners and the point where his enemies call him "A malevolent nemesis", unlike Arnold, Toomas or Lennart he speaks with a very soft voice but not too soft where it sounds like he is whispering at all. Much as Arnold has parallels with the Green Goblin Andrus is much like Sutekh as he is very easily frustrated mainly with Siad asking him a question and asking him it again in an irritated tone which also brings out a very impatient personality. His voice also makes him extremely sinister but says that the other Estonian generals have villainy in them as well.

He is very sadistic delighting in torturing Siad often calling him a plaything as well as saying "Kneel before the Fox Junta" whilst laughing, his voice also makes him very mysterious and fearsome but nonetheless he is very chivalrous having respect for Arnold's wife Evelin and his daughter Maarja as well as the respect of other vixens in the Junta, the Junta's sole female dog Brainy Barker, the female members of the Animalian Patriotic Front, the National Protection Process's women's faction and eventually his female enemies. Andrus is also good with young children and though he scares the Junta babies they eventually get to like him, the only baby who isn't afraid of Andrus though is Valerie even though she is frightened of Arnold. Most likely because Andrus often watches her as he watches the other babies in the Junta and babies in general, Andrus may be friendly with allies but not only with female ones but also male ones in general.

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