The Animalian Armed Forces as the name suggests are the military of the country Animalia. It consists of the army, the navy and the air force. The commander in chief is the country's leader Hunter to which members are to swear allegiance.

Of the organizations made by the wiki founder, it is the only organization to have elements re-used in other literature as detailed in other pages.


Before Animalia's independence the A.A.F served West Germany from 1961 to the fall of the berlin wall in 1989 and Animalia declared independence. For 35 years the armed forces served under the country's leader Mufasa until the organization was the organization was defeated in the first coup and purged with many members being sent into exile, from then the armed forces carried out some of the most gruesome acts ever known.

The army also backed the Junta in the civil war against various insurgent groups known as the Animalian resistance with many members being arrested, interred and tortured. The only organization to survive was the Animalian military students but eventually met it's defeat in the civil war leading to it's proscription, but in the end the A.P.F backed by the Fox Junta and the National Protection Process invaded Animalia and overthrew Mechanikat and re-instating the armed forces into protecting the country with those who participated in the dictatorship being court martialed and some receiving life sentences but later released but dishonorably discharged from the military.

The forces

The army:

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The navy:

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The air force:

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Special force:

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