The Animalian Mujahideen is a terrorist style organization and is one of the groups that make up the Animalian resistance. It is one of the three main groups open to males and females and is compromised of mainly those who are Afghans.

The Anthro Saga

Even before it merges into the resistance the Mujahideen fights alongside the Animalian Resistance Army and the Liberators of Animalia trying to keep the growing Animalian Junta away from gaining power in Animalia alongside the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front, though Roberto advises the leader to leave the country Omar also refuses with Velupillai and states that he and his comrades will fight to "the bitter end", immediately after the coup the Mujahideen and other guerrilla groups immediately merge into one organization and carry out civil war on Animalia which leaves several parts of territory under it's control.

Once in control the resistance begins expelling most of it's population using violence against those who refuse to leave. Meanwhile in Animalia controlled by the Junta the Junta, their collaborators and other allies also go on a rampage purging the army and destroying machines made or used by the army under Mufasa creating a graveyard of machines.

The resistance launches the civil war after months of attacks and massacres by both sides which results in all women's factions of the resistance being captured and imprisoned, the Road Rovers which also includes males being imprisoned and the survivors being forced into a retreat. After the invasion of Animalia the resistance launch another coup backing the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front with the National Protection Process against the Junta overthrowing the Junta and democracy being restored.


Alongside the A.R.A the Mujahideen takes all the most feared terrorist groups in history and the world and blends them into the most notorious and violent organization you have ever seen. Compared to the Liberators of Animalia which is a lot more militarized and sophisticated the Mujahideen is still sophisticated in terms of weaponry and organization but it prefers to use insurgent and guerrilla tactics in warfare.

Though it is still has terrorist motives like other resistance groups, in comparison to the much more militarized L.O.A which has a lot in common with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam the Mujahideen has much in common with other Islamic terrorist groups such as Al Shabaab and most notably the Taliban.

Relations with other organizations

National Protection Process

In spite of being an ally of other forces that fight against Mechanikat relations between the Mujahideen and the N.P.P are generally very complicated as the two only interact with each other once that being during the second Animalian coup.

Animalian Patriotic Front

Very little is known about the Mujahideen's relations with the A.P.F though it is speculated that these relations are close owing to the A.P.F's Arab membership and relations with it's Israeli members are generally considered to be better than those relations with the A.R.A. A member of the Mujahideen Nadira has also co-operated with a member of the A.P.F in her past; Ahmed.

Fox Junta

In spite of the Fox Junta having no Arab members relations with the Fox Junta are considered to be close however relations are often considered more negative with younger Junta children and the babies than with adults.

Animalian resistance

Animalian military students

The first time the A.M.S and the Mujahideen meet relations start off to be very poisonous but over time eventually improve with the women's faction of the Mujahideen starting to collaborate with the A.M.S forces. The early relations are characterized by suspicion due to the A.M.S's Slavic majority.

Road Rovers

Relations with the Rovers start off with mutual hostility owing to the Rovers' American nationalities but over time greatly improve. The organizations are on the same side in both coups and fight on the same side in the Civil war.

Animalian Resistance Army

Relations with the Animalian Resistance Army are excellent owing to a great similarity in language and nationality as well as the fact both groups are Islamist. The two groups are also just as violent towards outsiders and enemies.

Liberators of Animalia

The relations between the L.O.A are very, very warm and is often likened to the relations of the Mujahideen with the A.R.A, both forces fight on the same side from the rise of the Animalian Junta right through to the Fall of the Animalian Junta.

Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army

Relations with the D.A.P.R.A are equally excellent as the Animalian Resistance Army as the A.R.A also trained members of the D.A.P.R.A and eventually allowed it to become an army of it's own, the relations are influenced by the D.A.P.R.A's Arab, Persian, Pakistani and Iranian membership.

Animalian Junta

The relations between the Junta and the Mujahideen are often likened to many hostile relations in the world such as Iran and North Korea's relations with Israel though in the Anthro World the Mujahideen equally condemns North Korea. Both sides have also accused one another of aggression to enemies with prisoners of the Mujahideen being tortured by the Junta and their allies and prisoners of the Mujahideen being accused of demoralizing the Junta and forcing it to greatly decrease it's ranks.

Animalian National Socialist Union

Relations between the A.N.S.U and the Mujahideen are equally bitter and poisonous due the A.N.S.U's alliance with the Junta however some of their relations are starting to improve but the poisonous atmosphere still exists.

Animalian Junta collaborators

The collaborators' relations with the Mujahideen are generally considered to be neutral and a lot more negative with the Animalian military students whilst negative relations with the Mujahideen are generally considered to like with the militias in the Junta.


Males faction:

Name Animal
Omar St. Bernard
Abdul Great Dane
Obaidullah Kuchi
Wakil Akbash
Khaksar Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)
Qari Bloodhound
Nooruddin Boerboel
Ghausuddin Bosnian Coarse Haired Hound
Khairullah Braque d'Auvergne
Norullah Braque Saint-Germain
Na'im Briquet Griffon Vendeen
Mawlawi Broholmer
Hassan Carpathian Shepherd Dog
Dadullah Chien Francais Blanc Et Noir
Jalaluddin Danish Swedish Farmdog
Shahzada Doberman
Bahualdin Dutch Shepherd Dog
Baryalai Weimaraner
Chaghcharande English Mastiff
Dilawar Pero de Presa Canario
Ebadullah Polish Hunting Dog
Ehsahullah Rafeiro do Alentejo
Ezatullah Slovensky Kopov
Fzmaray Spinone Italiano
Faizabad Vizsla
Harsallah Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Hashmat Tibetan Mastiff
Jalalabad Tornjak
Habibullah Villano de las Encartaciones
Masharddin Wetterhoun
Nadeem Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Naveed Wirehaired Vizsla
Nayeem Belgian Sheppherd (Malinois)
Omran Dutch Shepherd Dog
Pashtaha Cane Corso
Rastagaar Labrador
Samangan Giant Schnauzer
Taymor Bloodhound
Towraghondi Rottweiler
Yasaman English Mastiff
Zackarya Gordon Setter
Zabiullah Doberman
Zarlasht Irish Wolfhound
Zameer Irish Setter

Females faction

Name Animal Status
Shohreh Afghan hound At large
Zamina Golden Retriever Captured
Humaira Saluki Captured
Bilqis Saluki Captured
Ghazala Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Malalai Gordon Setter Tortured
Howsi Grand Ablos Francais Tricolore Captured
Fauzia Dalmatian Captured
Bakhtiyari Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured
Baraki Karakachan Tortured
Bareen Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Captured
Basheera Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured
Basima Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Bazya Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Beheshta Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Zakariya Griffon Fauve de Bretagne Captured
Zakiyaa Griffon Nivernais Tortured
Zarghona Hanover Hound Tortured
Zarmeena Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Zarlacht Siberian Husky Tortured
Atifa Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Afeeza Huntaway Tortured
Afshan Hovawart Captured
Alima Irish Red and White Setter Tortured
Ameera Borzoi Tortured
Benafsha Karst Shepherd Captured
Donyaa German Spaniel Tortured
Enayetullah German Spaniel Tortured
Faheema King Shepherd Executed
Ghaydaa Mudi Tortured
Ghazal Mareema Sheepdog Executed
Ghaaliya Mareema Sheepdog Executed
Golnaz Russian Spaniel Tortured
Gormal Kuvasz Tortured
Gulbadan Bucovina Shepherd Dog Fugitive later captured
Gulzar Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Gzifa Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Iffat Large Munsterlander Tortured
Jameela Large Munsterlander Tortured
Jamila Saluki Captured
Kaamla Saluki Tortured
Kareema Large Munsterlander Tortured
Khatera American Water Spaniel Captured
Khandan American Water Spaniel Captured. Escapes but re-captured
Khorsheed Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Lateefa Kuvasz Tortured
Leena Mudi Tortured
Lumya Mudi Tortured
Mahira Black and Tan Coonhound Executed
Maleena Bluetick Coonhound Tortured
Malalai Bloodhound Executed
Malika Black and Tan Coonhound Captured
Marghalara Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Mahwash Alaskan Malamute Captured
Nadira Siberian Husky Captured
Nahsirin French Spaniel Tortured
Najia French Spaniel Tortured
Najiba Alaskan Malamute Captured
Najya German Spaniel Tortured
Rokhsanana Spanish Mastiff Tortured

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