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A physical representation of the Animalian Tribunal.

The Animalian Palace of Justice is a tribunal set up to judge the senior members of the Animalian Junta . These mainly include leaders, guards, torturers, soldiers etc.


The tribunal is said to look like the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda but this mainly applies to the other buildings involved with the Tribunal. The main building actually looks like the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia on the outside. On the inside the main courtroom looks like the room used by Nuremberg after World War II whilst separate rooms are like the rooms often used by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Detention and trials

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A courtroom used by the Animalian Tribunal. This was also a courtroom that was used for the kangaroo courts during the Mechanikat-era.

The prisoners are housed in the detention facilities on the ground-ground floor beneath the building. Lower than the actual tribunal but higher than the basement and the cells are equivalent to the cells at the Junta Prison and have the same features but are different for detainees. Female prisoners' cells have a dressing table and male prisoners' cells have a personal computer with no Internet. When it comes to trials, hearings or sessions only one prisoner is taken to the courtroom and after they are brought back down there is not another session for any other prisoners. The selection process is also completely random and sessions are not consecutive for prisoners. This means they will not have another session and there is no more sessions once that prisoner's trial is finished. For example Hannah may be chosen for one session for hearing but the next day the next one to be present may be Abigail .

On the first day those on trial are taken to the main courtroom and are introduced to the three main judges presiding over the trials: Ferdinand , Nursultan and Gurbanguly . Ferdinand then reads out the opening statements and the prisoners are taken back to their cells then the trials of separate Junta members begin.


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The convicted

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