The Animalian Patriotic Front is a former guerrilla group and the current ruling government of Animalia. It is called "Patriotic" because it has saved the lives of thousands of Animalians exiled by the Junta and also saves the country by participating alongside the National Protection Process in a second coup which topples the Junta.

The group is led by Charlie Barkin the current prime minister of Animalia alongside his girlfriend Sasha le Fleur. In it's guerrilla days the A.P.F was involved in sheltering the former Animalian politician Brainy Barker and her boyfriend Krypto after Mechanikat instituted a military dictatorship in Animalia.

Charlie is also friends with the Fox Junta leader Roberto and the National Protection Process leader Jorge. When Brainy is brought to Argentina she is brought to their base at the Teatro del Libertador General San Martín where she becomes an entertainer for the groups singing for them alongside Krypto, Charlie and Sasha. After Brainy and Krypto are sent back to Animalia the A.P.F invades Animalia along with the N.P.P but Charlie is the second in command as Hunter leads the coup but he hands power of the leadership of the party to Charlie whilst he becomes the country's head of state. As a result the A.P.F is ruling party of Animalia.



The Animalian Patriotic Front leaders, Charlie Barkin and his girlfriend Sasha le Fleur.

The Animalian Patriotic Front was formed on April 10th 1994 three days into what have would have been the Rwandan Genocide by Charlie Barkin and his girlfriend Sasha Le Fleur in the country of Animalia and started off as being somewhat of like the Sturmabteilung and thought itself as being Mufasa's bodyguard but it was also a very aggressive group and as a result was often involved in street brawls between the armed wing of Oswald's Animalian National Socialist Union. As a result Charlie and Sasha were frequently arrested and in and out of prison along with many other members of the organization.

Wanting to change his frustration with Oswald into action Charlie was broke out of prison by his right hand man Ramiz who had survived every single street brawl that Charlie and the group was involved in. But by the time Charlie and Sasha were out of prison every single former member of the organization had left which made Charlie even more frustrated and at times called the organization a failure however Ramiz persuaded Charlie to "carry on the struggle."

Taking Ramiz's words into serious consideration Charlie decided to go through the "Great Push Forward", with the help of Ramiz Charlie began to recruit much more serious and experienced members into the A.P.F some of which were involved in organized crime or in espionage in their past with two exceptions being the two female Romanian dogs Ioana and Maria.

By the near end of Mufasa's regime the organization had 194 members and was turned under Charlies leadership into a guerrilla army. As the First Animalian coup broke out the A.P.F fled to Kigali and stayed in Kigali for two months before moving to London where they stayed for approximately three years before moving to Argentina to help the National Protection Process and the Fox Junta shelter the exiles of the Animalian Junta.

Alternative logo

An alternative logo of the Animalian Patriotic Front, adapted particularly in its time in the government.

They also helped both organizations overthrow the Junta and make the dictatorship collapse, they were also involved in bringing those who were involved in the dictatorship to justice. After the end of the coup the A.P.F halted it's guerrilla activities and became more involved in the government forming the new government, the A.P.F won an overwhelming majority in the first elections since the return of democracy to Animalia and brought those who were involved in the dictatorship who were still alive or had stayed behind to justice only for them to be pardoned again.

Relations with other organizations

Fox Junta

The relation between the Animalian Patriotic Front and the Fox Junta are very close in spite of their tough beginnings. When the A.P.F was made for the first time in Animalia the Junta insisted they would have nothing to do with a bunch of hooligans, but once the AP.F became one of the most disciplined organizations in Animalia relations between the two soon soared. The two groups have fought on the same side during the two Animalian coups and have been planning their return to Animalia when they were forced to flee to Argentina.

National Protection Process

The relations between the Animalian Patriotic Front and the N.P.P are influenced by the fact the N.P.P had alliances with two members of the A.P.F in their past Radoslav and Alberto and these alliances are generally considered to be part of the foundations of both organizations, at least in the development area.

Animalian resistance

Animalian military students

As is the case of their allies the Animalian Patriotic Front is not only respected by the Animalian military students as much as it is revered. It is also one of the armies that fights alongside the A.P.F in the first Animalian coup.

Road Rovers

The Rovers relationship with the A.P.F is considered to be very, very warm owing to a similarity in nationalities and the fact that the Road Rovers one of them being Hunter and his wife Charlotte are involved in very important positions in the government. The new government also rehabilitated and re-established the Rovers after the dictatorship.

Animalian Mujahideen

Relations with the Mujahideen are considered to be extremely close owing to the A.P.F's Arab membership in spite of both groups interacting with each other very rarely and the only time they interact being the Animalian coups which lead to the Rise of the Junta and the Fall of the Junta. A female fighter of the Mujahideen Nadira also has links to the A.P.F through an old friend of hers Ahmed. She helped him and Saddam capture four female Middle Eastern dogs: One Israeli and three Iraqis Rana, Raghdad and Hala to get information about the A.P.F

Animalian Resistance Army

In general the relations between the A.R.A and the A.P.F are warm again owing to the A.P.F's Arab members but the only exception where there is a brief hostility is towards the A.P.F recruiting Israeli dogs into it's members however with time these hostilities die.

Liberators of Animalia

Some of the relations between the L.O.A and the A.P.F are warm owing to the fact that the A.P.F has Indian membership and Sri Lanka being off the coast of India however these relations are complicated with the L.O.A fighters accusing Indian members of the peace keeping force initiated in Sri Lanka in 1987 during the Civil war in Sri Lanka.

Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army

The relations with the D.A.P.R.A are also considered to be very warm owing to the A.P.F's Iranian, Arab and Pakistani members, relations are also considered to be better with Israeli dogs than the Animalian Resistance Army. As well as Nadira many former D.A.P.R.A fighters have also served as Amazonian guards for Ahmed before joining the group and a lot of women from the organization and the Animalian Resistance Army have also served with Ahmed's Yemeni associate Ali.

Animalian Junta

Whilst the Fox Junta is the A.P.F's closest ally the Animalian Junta is one it's greatest adversaries and enemies. During the dictatorship the two organizations had no relations with each other however after the dictatorship relations were still sour among their supporters but were generally starting to improve though many former members of the Junta live in Animalia they have very heavy restrictions on their lives.

Animalian National Socialist Union

Whilst the Animalian Junta is the greatest enemy of the Fox Junta the Animalian National Socialist Union is widely known to be the greatest adversary of the A.P.F. Relations between the groups are extremely tense and hostile with the two groups being involved in street brawls, the A.N.S.U was also the main reason for the A.P.F being dissolved at first. The two groups were also on opposing sides and after the dictatorship the A.N.S.U members still live in Animalia with heavy restrictions on their lives however relations are beginning to improve.

Animalian Junta collaborators

The A.P.F and the collaborators of the Junta are generally considered to be neutral with no regards of hostilities however after the dictatorship the collaborators also live in Animalia still but with heavy restrictions on their lives which is the same fate to the Junta's allies.