The Animalian Resistance Army is one of the six groups that make up the Animalian resistance. At it's peak it is the largest single army in the resistance before it merged with other resistance groups.


Even before the formation of the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army the A.R.A is the largest single army in the resistance at it's peak having in total 194 members which decreases to 138 when the D.A.P.R.A is formed. When it merges with other resistance groups turning from several insurgent groups into one single disciplined army it continues to have the largest membership in the resistance.

Relations with other organizations

National Protection Process

Though the A.R.A have only interacted with the N.P.P once the leaders of the A.R.A Osama, Ayman and Abu consider the N.P.P and their allies equally close allies. However relations experienced a slight deterioration when the N.P.P offered sanctuary for the A.R.A which many members furiously rejected but soon improved again. Abu also calls these offers "Absolutely out of the question."

Fox Junta

As in the case of the Mujahideen, the A.R.A's relations with the Junta are considered to be a lot more better than their relations with the A.M.S and the Rovers. The A.R.A and their fighters have had very close relations with the Fox Junta in spite of their rare interactions.

Animalian Patriotic Front

In general the relations between the A.R.A and the A.P.F are warm again owing to the A.P.F's Arab members but the only exception where there is a brief hostility is towards the A.P.F recruiting Israeli dogs into it's members however with time these hostilities die. Not all relations are bad however as many women from the A.R.A have helped a Yemeni ally Ali

Animalian resistance

Animalian military students

Relations with the A.M.S and the A.R.A started off as being equally tense as the relations between the A.M.S and the Mujahideen but with time relations started to improve. Very slowly but the relations improved with time.

Road Rovers

The relations between the Road Rovers and the Animalian Resistance Army also start off with hostility owing to the Rover's Western nationalities with some being American, some being German, some being Russian and some being British however over time relations improve.

Animalian Mujahideen

Relations with the Animalian Mujahideen are excellent owing to a great similarity in language and nationality as well as the fact both groups are Islamist. The two groups are also just as violent towards outsiders and enemies.

Liberators of Animalia

Relations with the Liberators of Animalia are equally close as the L.O.A's relations with other resistance groups, before the unification of all resistance groups into one highly disciplined army Shanmugam one of Velupillai's right hand men met with the A.R.A's military commander Ayub about unifying the armies into one single army. It was also Shanmugam and Thillaiyampalam who pressured Ayub into cutting aid off to old resistance groups.

Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army

Relations are generally considered to be close owing to the fact the D.A.P.R.A is also compromised of previous female fighters who fought in the A.R.A and many of it's members have been trained by A.R.A female fighters.

Animalian Junta

The relations with the Animalian Junta are very, very bitter owing to the A.R.A's alliance with the Fox Junta and other Anti-Junta forces. The Animalian Junta have been accused by the Animalian Resistance Army of persecution numerous times whilst the Animalian Resistance Army and their allies have been accused of hypocritical persecution as it persecuted Romanian, Latvian, Greek, German and English Animalians and yet the Road Rovers has German and English members.

Animalian National Socialist Union

Relations with the A.N.S.U are considerably worse with female members of both organizations as most fighters of both factions end up in each others captivity, female A.R.A fighters in the captivity of the A.N.S.U and female A.N.S.U members in the captivity of female A.R.A fighters. These relations are further worsened by opposite alliances.

Animalian Junta collaborators

As is the case of the Mujahideen the A.R.A relations with the Animalian Junta collaborators are considered to be worse with the male collaborators than with the female collaborators as their fighters tend to show a lot more brutality to male collaborators sometimes even killing them whilst female collaborators are merely humiliated by the A.M.S and each resistance fighters.



Name Animal
Osama St. Bernard
Ayman Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Abbad Andalusian Hound
Abdolreza Appenzeller Sennenhund
Abdu Armenian Gampr Dog
Abu Barbet
Adeel Bavarian Mountain Hound
Salim Beauceron
Adham Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois)
Adnan Berger Picard
Ahmad Bernard Laufhund
Amanullah Bernese Mountain Dog
Aminullah Rottweiler
Amjad St. Bernard
Ammar Bloodhound
Anwaruddin Wetterhoun
Asadullah Bosnian Coarse Haired Hound
Ashraf Braque Francais
Ataullah Bracco Italiano
Atiqullah Braque du Bourbonnais
Awad Braque d'Auvergne
Ayub Braque Saint-Germain
Atiqullah Briard
Azimullah Giant Schnauzer
Barkatullah Briquet Griffon Vendeen
Dhikrullah Brittany
Ehsanullah Broholmer
Ekram Bull terrier
Faheem Bullmastiff
Faizullah Bulldog
Fariduddin Burgos Pointer
Fathalllah Leonberger
Fazlallah Brittany
Fouzan Pointer
Ghassa English Setter
Hamidullah Vizsla
Haitham Gordon Setter
Hamdan Irish Setter
Hamza Cao de Castro Laboreiro
Hayatullah Carpathian Shepherd Dog
Hidayatullah Chien Francais Blanc et Orange
Hikmat Chow Chow
Ikramullah Czechoslovak Wolfdog
Ihayatullah German Short-haired pointer
Ismatullah German Wire-haired pointer
Izzatullah Newfoundland
Jawdat Rottweiler
Kultham Tibetan Mastiff
Lutfullah English Mastiff
Mahbubur Dalmatian
Mashallah Cesky Fousek
Moinuddin Weimaraner
Muhibullah German Wirehaired Pointer
Muharrem Pit Bull Terrier
Murtaza Tibetan Mastiff
Nasralllah Dogue de Bordeaux
Nazimuddin Rottweiler
Nimatullah Golden Retriever
Obaidullah Great Dane
Rahman Leonberger
Rahmatullah Landseer
Saadallah Irish Wolfhound
Ridwan Dobermann
Rizqalllah German Shepherd


Gordon Setter
Salman Rottweiler
Sardar Bosnian Coarse-haired Hound
Shafiqullah German Wire-haired Pointer
Sharifullah Weimaraner
Samiullah Tibetan Mastiff
Sanaullah Newfoundland
Shakeel Landseer
Sharifullah Leonberger
Shujauddin Bullmastiff
Sirajuddin St. Bernard
Waliullah Spanish Mastiff
Zafarullah Carpathian Shepherd Dog
Zeeshan Rottweiler


Name Animal Status
Khadijeh Leonberger Captured


English Cocker Spaniel Captured


English Springer Spaniel Captured


Welsh Springer Spaniel Tortured


French Spaniel Tortured


Akbash Captured


Border Collie Tortured


Border Collie Tortured


Rough Collia Tortured


English Springer Spaniel Captured


Leonberger Tortured


Leonberger Tortured


St. Bernard Tortured


Bulgarian Scenthound Tortured


St. Bernard Captured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


English Springer Spaniel Captured


Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Rough Collie Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Saluki Captured


St. Bernard Fugitive. Captured


Landseer Tortured


St. Bernard Captured


St. Bernard Captured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Carpathian Shepherd Tortured


Mudi Tortured


Kuvasz Captured


Saluki Tortured


Saluki Tortured


Tornjak Executed


German Spaniel Captured


Rottweiler Executed


Rottweiler Executed


German Spaniel Tortured


Doberman Executed


Siberian Husky Tortured


Alaskan Malamute Tortured


French Spaniel Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured


Rottweiler Tortured


Dobermann Tortured


Irish Water Spaniel Captured


Kuvasz Tortured


Saluki Executed


Black and Tan Coonhound Executed


Black and Tan Coonhound Executed


Black and Tan Coonhound Executed


German Longhaired Pointer Captured


German Spaniel Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Saluki Captured

The Anthro Saga

Alongside other guerrilla groups the Animalian Resistance Army fights alongside the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front to contain the rise of the Animalian Junta and continue fighting until the end of the coup at which point they become an insurgency and attack not only the Junta but other less experienced resistance fighters. Many secret meetings between the main leaders of the Liberators of Animalia Shanmugam and Thillaiyampalam lead to the resistance finally destroying the so called "resistance" paving the way for the one thing that the A.R.A and other guerrilla armies looked for: Unification.

All the resistance groups when unified turn from six guerrilla groups into one highly disciplined guerrilla army which in some cases continues a war on the Junta and it's allies, but in this war there is no violence or deaths as it is a war of nerves only in this Cold War there is no propaganda. The war of nerves ends with the resistance launching a massive offensive and attack which becomes known as the Animalian Civil War which proves to be a great blow to the resistance; The males in the resistance groups except the Road Rovers are forced into a retreat, most groups are proscribed and all the Rovers as well as all the women's factions of the resistance are imprisoned with some being executed however there are two Rovers that actually get out of prison: Hunter the leader of the Rovers and his wife Charlotte the leader of the Rover's women's faction.

The leaders of the Road Rovers are deported to Argentina where they are re-unified with two of their allies that helped them in the first coup. Meanwhile in Animalia the resistance launch another offensive distracting the Animalian Junta and their allies whilst the Fox Junta and their allies invade Animalia and launch another coup which sees the end of the Junta's rule, the collapse, suicide and deaths of Junta members and prisoners alike and the arrests of the survivors. The resistance meanwhile are released from prison with it's members being rehabilitated and rewarded by Roberto and the Fox Junta, even Hunter and Charlotte.

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