The Animalian resistance is the name given to a network of insurgent groups often consisting of guerrillas and other enemies of the Junta that fight against the Animalian Junta during the Junta's dictatorship. It is commonly active during the civil war though many insurgents continue to attack the Junta even before the insurgency.


The resistance is often described as being much more organized and ruthless than even some of the most organized terrorist groups on the face of the earth. With the exception of the Road Rovers it is always forever modernizing and keeping up with the enemy unlike the Rovers who keep nationalities to British, American, Russian and German though the resistance considers it a major ally. The main base is un-determinable because the group has all sorts of bases.

The Animalian military students is located at The System whilst the Road Rovers are based in the Greyclose military base, the organization also has differences of clothing, Some are more immaculate whilst others are generally much more begraggled making their allies call them barbarians and savages. The organizations with the exception of the Road Rovers also appear to be much more segregated.


With the exception of the Road Rovers the resistance army is typically much more like guerrilla forces, like the Animalian Patriotic Front the main membership is Asian and European but the resistance membership tends to be more from Pakistan and other countries from the Middle and Greater East.

The Animalian military students is generally regarded as the only group to have a mixed variety of animals having coyotes, wolves, foxes, dogs, etc. whilst the main animals involved in other resistance groups are mostly dogs however the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army whilst containing mostly dogs also includes two members who are not dogs: Shantia who is a lioness and Gurbansoltan who is a coyote.


Name Organization Animal Status during dictatorship
Hunter Road Rovers Labrador Retriever Captured
Charlotte Road Rovers (women's faction) Labrador Retriever Captured
Tatyana Animalian military students Coyote and main leader Captured and imprisoned
Gulnara Animalian military students Coyote Captured and imprisoned
Keteran Animalian military students Coyote Captured and imprisoned
Katarina Animalian military students Coyote Captured and imprisoned
Velupillai Liberators of Animalia Leonberger At large.
Osama Animalian Resistance Army St. Bernard At large
Omar Animalian Mujahideen St. Bernard At large
Chandrika Liberators of Animalia (women's faction) Landseer Captured
Sirimavo Liberators of Animalia (women's faction) Kuvasz Captured
Violet Liberators of Animalia (women's faction) Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Khadijeh Animalian Resistance Army Leonberger Captured
Anisa Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army St. Bernard Fugitive. Later captured.
Shohreh Animalian Mujahideen (women's faction) Afghan hound At large
Zamina Animalian Mujahideen (women's faction) Golden Retriever Captured

Members and groups

Animalian military students

Name Animal Occupation
Tatyana Coyote Student leader
Lydia Red wolf Revolutionary
Tanya Grey wolf (Alaska) Student arrested during the Night of the Thieves. Escaped but re-arrested
Natalya Grey wolf (Scandanavia) Student
Aliya Jackal Revolutionary
Galina Golden Jackal Revolutionary
Katya Ethiopian wolf Student
Lena Cape wild dog Revolutionary
Nadezhda Red fox (Central Europe) Dissident
Yelena Red fox (North America) Dissident
Yulia Maned fox Dissident
Olga Wolf Student
Oksana Arctic fox Dissident
Vasilisa Culpeo fox Dissident
Alya Aardwolf Revolutionary
Gulnara Coyote Student leader
Daria Iberian Lynx Guerrilla fighter
Medni Hyena Revolutionary
Aishat Grey wolf (Scandinavia) Student
Karina Grey wolf (Alaska) Student
Hedy Aardwolf Guerrilla fighter

Striped Hyena

Guerrilla fighter
Ashura Striped Hyena Guerrilla fighter
Ekaterina Striped Hyena Guerrilla fighter
Keteran Coyote Student leader
Yefrosina Jackal Revolutionary
Marusia Cape wild dog Guerrilla fighter
Nina Red fox (Central Europe) Dissident
Nadia Red fox (Central Europe) Dissident
Oksana Red fox (North America) Dissident
Alona Maned wolf Revolutionary
Dragana Grey Wolf (Alaska) Student
Katarina Coyote Student leader
Romana Red fox (Central Europe) Dissident
Darina Grey wolf (Scandinavia) Dissident
Radana Red fox (Central Europe) Dissident
Nevena Arctic fox Dissident
Dabroniega Culpeo fox Dissident
Pavla Swift fox Dissident
Nastja Maned wolf Revolutionary
Radmila Grey wolf Dissident
Volha Maned wolf Revolutionary
Nadzeya Arctic fox Dissident
Branka Blue fox Former prisoner of war captured by the Animalian Junta
Biljana Grey wolf (Alaska) Guerrilla fighter
Lamia Swift fox Student
Vesna Striped hyena Student
Sava Spotted hyena Guerrilla fighter
Gergana Spotted hyena Dissident
Kalina Grey wolf (Alaska) Dissident
Yordanka Grey wolf (Scandinavia) Dissident
Dubravka Cape wild dog Student
Dunja Arctic fox Former prisoner of war
Gorana Red fox Defector of the Animalian Junta
Anastasija Blue fox Defector
Janica Arctic fox Defector
Slavena Arctic fox Dissident
Venceslava Blue fox Revolutionary
Shezana Striped hyena Guerrilla fighter
Kasia Cape wild dog Dissident
Katarzya Spotted hyena Guerrilla fighter
Malgorzata Maned wolf Revolutionary
Kira Arctic wolf Guerrilla fighter
Galenka Blue fox Defector
Gennadiya Striped hyena Guerrilla fighter
Hajnal Blue fox Guerrilla fighter
Gyongyi Arctic fox Dissident
Orsolya Spotted hyena Revolutionary
Marika Cape wild dog Defector
Paloma Arctic fox Dissident
Medea Striped hyena Student
Reka Maned wolf Guerrilla fighter
Zsuzsanna Red fox Dissident
Mira Arctic fox Guerrilla fighter
Jasna Blue fox Guerrilla fighter
Katica Mudi Defector
Milada Arctic fox Defector
Zdenka Spotted hyena Defector
Zdeslava Grey wolf Defector
Venceslava Maned wolf Guerrilla fighter
Vendula Grey wolf (Alaska) Student
Vladana Grey wolf (Scandinavia) Revolutionary
Melania Spotted hyena Revolutionary
Malgorzata Kuvasz Defector
Marzena Blue fox Dissident
Valentina Maned wolf Defector
Aventina Siberian husky Defector
Katica Blue vixen Dissident
Manulena Red fox Guerrilla fighter
Radka Arctic fox Defector
Vlasta Blue fox Dissident
Nikoleta Bucovina Shepherd dog Former prisoner of war
Kveta Bucovina Shepherd dog Guerrilla fighter
Grazyna Kuvasz Revolutionary
Jagoda Maned wolf Guerrilla fighter
Tijana Grey wolf Dissident
Mirna Grey wolf (Alaska) Dissident
Azra Kuvasz Dissident
Asena Akbash Revolutionary
Ayten Grey wolf Revolutionary
Aysun Arctic fox Student
Cansever Anatolian Shepherd Dog Guerrilla fighter
Cigdem Red fox Dissident
Damla Maned wolf Defector
Dilera Alaskan Malamute Guerrilla fighter
Evrim Blue fox Guerrilla fighter
Fatima Kuvasz Guerrilla fighter
Gunseli German spaniel Guerrilla fighter
Handan Rough collie Dissident
Halen Akbash Guerrilla fighter
Hulya Kuvasz Guerrilla fighter
Hayrunnisa Blue fox Defector
Ijenbike Siberian husky Former prisoner of war
Melek Saluki Dissident
Nariman Spotted hyena Guerrilla fighter
Nebahat Arctic fox Dissident
Neslinan Siberian husky Defector
Semra Alaskan Malamute Defector
Yasmin Akbash Guerrilla fighter

Road Rovers

Name Breed of dog Nationality Fate and Status
Hunter Labrador Retriever American Prisoner of War. Now President of Animalia
Colleen Rough Collie British Prisoner of War.
Exile Siberian Husky Russian Killed
Blitz Doberman German Killed
Charlotte Labrador American Prisoner of War. Now First Lady of Animalia
Alfred Border Collie British Prisoner of War.
Gerard Golden Retriever British Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Myron Smooth Collie British Executed
Jacqueline Rough Collie American Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Mamie American Water Spaniel American Prisoner of War
Yekaterina Afghan Hound Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Yevhenia Alaskan Malamute Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Vasily Siberian Husky Russian Executed
Yakov Siberian Husky Russian Tortured. Survives
Helga German Shepherd German Prisoner of War
Helmut Dobermann German Prisoner of War
Greta Dobermann German Tortured. Survives
Oscar Black and Tan coonhound American Drowned in the North Sea
Oliver Bluetick Coonhound American Executed
Tonya Alaskan Malamute Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured later released
Malia Catahounla Cur American Executed
Natasha English Shepherd British Drowned in the North Sea. Saved by the A.M.S
Gunther German Shorthaired pointer German Executed
Christof Rottweiler German Tortured. Survives.
Rukhsona Bucovina Shepherd Dog Russian Tortured. Survives.
Takhmina Bucovina Shepherd Dog Russian Prisoner of War
Ozoda Kuvasz Russian Prisoner of War Tortured but survives
Parvina Saluki Russian Prisoner of War
Farzona Siberian Husky Russian Prisoner of War
Firuza Russian Spaniel Russian Tortured. Survives
Zarina Mudi Russian Prisoner of War.
Zelimkhan Alaskan Malamute Russian Drowned in the North Sea. Saved by the A.M.S
Ilya Alaskan Malamute Russian Prisoner of War. Tortured and later drowned in the North Sea but saved by the A.M.S
Dilnoza Kuvasz Russian Defects to the D.A.P.R.A. Captured as a prisoner of war and tortured
Yalanskaya Siberian Husky Russian Defects to the D.A.P.R.A. Captured as a prisoner of war
Lola Kuvasz Russian Defects to the D.A.P.R.A. Captured as a prisoner of war
Amy Saluki American Prisoner of War
Lisa German Shepherd German Tortured
Penny Black and Tan Coonhound American Prisoner of War
Kelsi Border Collie British Prisoner of War. Tortured.
Irina Siberian Husky Russian Prisoner of War
Esme Labrador American Defector of the Animalian Junta
Belinda Labrador American Former soldier in the Animalian Army
Bronwen Border Collie British Prisoner of War
Charmaine Rough Collie British Tortured but survives
Cristalyn German Shepherd British of German ancestry Tortured but survives
Destiny Border Collie American Drowned but saved by the A.M.S
Hester English Springer Spaniel British Prisoner of War
Marcia Siberian Husky American Prisoner of War
Satyana Siberian Husky British of Russian ancestry Prisoner of War
Thomasina Dobermann German Tortured
Talitha Rottweiler German Tortured

Liberators of Animalia (women's faction)

Name Animal Status
Chandrika Landseer Captured
Sirimavo Kuvasz Captured
Violet Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Sunethra Alaskan Malamute Captured
Renuka American Water Spaniel Fugitive then captured
Chandra Anglo Francais de Petit Venerie Captured
Srimani French Spaniel Captured
Shiranthi Siberian Husky Captured
Mathivathani Bucovina Shepherd Dog Fugitive then captured
Sumedha Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Ferial Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Captured
Nirupama Black and tan Coonhound Tortured
Pavithra Siberian Husky Tortured
Vimala Kuvasz Captured
Amantha Bluetick Coonhound Tortured
Sumedha Bluetick Coonhound Tortured
Naysum Alaskan Malamute Executed
Anoma Sibeian Husky Executed
Shiranee Border Collie Executed
Rohini Black and Tan Coonhound Tortured
Shirani Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Yasodhara Leonberger Tortured
Duwaraka St. Bernard Captured
Amirtha Braque d'Auvergne Tortured
Amizhtha Braque Francais Tortured
Amutha Braque Saint-German Captured
Anyayarkanni Chesapeake Bay Retriever Captured
Bagyam Curly Coated Retriever Executed
Chellam Curly Coated Retriever Tortured
Dharuna Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Exhil Kuvasz Captured
Kanaiyazhi Kuvasz Captured
Kanmani Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Karuna Siberian Husky Tortured
Karupamma Siberian Husky Tortured
Madhari Saluki Captured
Malarvizhi Dobermann Executed
Mathuram Rottweiler Tortured
Nila Dobermann Tortured
Nithura Tornjak Captured
Praveena Tornjak Executed
Ranjitham Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Sarasu American English Coonhound Executed
Shankari English Shepherd Executed
Shayana Blue Picardy Spaniel Captured
Sudanthira Blue Picardy Spaniel Surrendered
Sundari Askbash Tortured
Sutharshini Gascon Saintongeois Captured
Vennila Gascon Saintongeois Captured
Vinitha German Spaniel Tortured
Vani Alsatian Tortured

Liberators of Animalia

Name Animal
Velupillai Leonberger
Shanmugalingam Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Selvarasa German Wirehaired Pointer
Shanmugam Ariege ppointer
Vinayagamoorthy Bakharwal Dog
Sathasivam Bavarian Mountain Dog
Gopalaswamy Beauceron
Suppiah Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)
Vaithilingam Bernese Mountain Dog
Thillaiyampalam Bloodhound
Balasegaram Bohemian Shepherd
Velayuthapillai Bouvier des Flandres
Balasingham Brittany
Sivanadan Bouvier des Ardennes
Shanmuganathan Braque du Bourbonnais
Soosapillai Broholmer
Seevaratham Bulldog
Mithiran Burgos Pointer
Velayutham Cao de Castro Laboreiro
Ambalavahar Cao File de Sao Miguel
Kandiah Cesky Fousek
Perinpanayagam Cursina
Veerapathirar Dobermann
Thambirasa Dogue de Bordeaux
Yogaratnam English Mastiff
Rasajah English Setter
Subramaniam Estrela Mountain Dog
Marcelin Fila Brasileiro
Vallipuram Georgian Shepherd
Sathasivam Stichelhaar
Nadarasa German Shorthaired Pointer
Manikkapodi German Shepherd
Irasaiah Golden Retriever
Selvarathnam Gordon Setter
Ramalingam Great Pyrenees
Arumugam Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Balasingam Griffon Bleu de Gascogne
Balasubramaniam Griffon Fauve de Bretagne
Chelvanayakam Griffon Nivernais
Gopinathan Hanover Hound
Jayaraj Huntaway
Kanagaratham Hovawart
Kanagasabal Irish Red and White Setter
Kumaraswamy Irish Wolfhound
Laxman Istrian Shorthaired Hound
Loganathan Landseer
Nadarajah Moscow Watchdog
Nadesan Newfoundland
Nagalingam Old Danish Pointer
Navaratham Pointer
Palanivel Polish Hunting Dog
Pathmanathan Pudelpointer
Ponnambalam Pyrenean Mastiff
Raghavan Rhodesian Mastiff
Rajaratham Rottweiler
Ramathanan Schweizererischer Niederlaufhund
Ranganathan Smaland Hound
Varatharajan Spanish Mastiff
Viswanathan Terceira Mastiff

Animalian Mujahideen (women's faction)

Name Animal Status
Shohreh Afghan hound At large
Zamina Golden Retriever Captured
Humaira Saluki Captured
Bilqis Saluki Captured
Ghazala Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Malalai Gordon Setter Tortured
Howsi Grand Ablos Francais Tricolore Captured
Fauzia Dalmatian Captured
Bakhtiyari Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured
Baraki Karakachan Tortured
Bareen Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Captured
Basheera Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured
Basima Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Bazya Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Beheshta Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Zakariya Griffon Fauve de Bretagne Captured
Zakiyaa Griffon Nivernais Tortured
Zarghona Hanover Hound Tortured
Zarmeena Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Zarlacht Siberian Husky Tortured
Atifa Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Afeeza Huntaway Tortured
Afshan Hovawart Captured
Alima Irish Red and White Setter Tortured
Ameera Borzoi Tortured
Benafsha Karst Shepherd Captured
Donyaa German Spaniel Tortured
Enayetullah German Spaniel Tortured
Faheema King Shepherd Executed
Ghaydaa Mudi Tortured
Ghazal Mareema Sheepdog Executed
Ghaaliya Mareema Sheepdog Executed
Golnaz Russian Spaniel Tortured
Gormal Kuvasz Tortured
Gulbadan Bucovina Shepherd Dog Fugitive later captured
Gulzar Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Gzifa Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured
Iffat Large Munsterlander Tortured
Jameela Large Munsterlander Tortured
Jamila Saluki Captured
Kaamla Saluki Tortured
Kareema Large Munsterlander Tortured
Khatera American Water Spaniel Captured
Khandan American Water Spaniel Captured. Escapes but re-captured
Khorsheed Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Lateefa Kuvasz Tortured
Leena Mudi Tortured
Lumya Mudi Tortured
Mahira Black and Tan Coonhound Executed
Maleena Bluetick Coonhound Tortured
Malalai Bloodhound Executed
Malika Black and Tan Coonhound Captured
Marghalara Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Mahwash Alaskan Malamute Captured
Nadira Siberian Husky Captured
Nahsirin French Spaniel Tortured
Najia French Spaniel Tortured
Najiba Alaskan Malamute Captured
Najya German Spaniel Tortured
Rokhsanana Spanish Mastiff Tortured

Animalian Mujahideen

Name Animal
Omar St. Bernard
Abdul Great Dane
Obaidullah Kuchi
Wakil Akbash
Khaksar Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)
Qari Bloodhound
Nooruddin Boerboel
Ghausuddin Bosnian Coarse Haired Hound
Khairullah Braque d'Auvergne
Norullah Braque Saint-Germain
Na'im Briquet Griffon Vendeen
Mawlawi Broholmer
Hassan Carpathian Shepherd Dog
Dadullah Chien Francais Blanc Et Noir
Jalaluddin Danish Swedish Farmdog
Shahzada Doberman
Bahualdin Dutch Shepherd Dog
Baryalai Weimaraner
Chaghcharande English Mastiff
Dilawar Pero de Presa Canario
Ebadullah Polish Hunting Dog
Ehsahullah Rafeiro do Alentejo
Ezatullah Slovensky Kopov
Fzmaray Spinone Italiano
Faizabad Vizsla
Harsallah Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Hashmat Tibetan Mastiff
Jalalabad Tornjak
Habibullah Villano de las Encartaciones
Masharddin Wetterhoun
Nadeem Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Naveed Wirehaired Vizsla
Nayeem Belgian Sheppherd (Malinois)
Omran Dutch Shepherd Dog
Pashtaha Cane Corso
Rastagaar Labrador
Samangan Giant Schnauzer
Taymor Bloodhound
Towraghondi Rottweiler
Yasaman English Mastiff
Zackarya Gordon Setter
Zabiullah Doberman
Zarlasht Irish Wolfhound
Zameer Irish Setter

Animalian Resistance Army:

Name Animal
Osama St. Bernard
Ayman Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Abbad Andalusian Hound
Abdolreza Appenzeller Sennenhund
Abdu Armenian Gampr Dog
Abu Barbet
Adeel Bavarian Mountain Hound
Adem Beauceron
Adham Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois)
Adnan Berger Picard
Ahmad Bernard Laufhund
Amanullah Bernese Mountain Dog
Aminullah Rottweiler
Amjad St. Bernard
Ammar Bloodhound
Anwaruddin Wetterhoun
Asadullah Bosnian Coarse Haired Hound
Ashraf Braque Francais
Ataullah Bracco Italiano
Atiqullah Braque du Bourbonnais
Awad Braque d'Auvergne
Ayub Braque Saint-Germain
Atiqullah Briard
Azimullah Giant Schnauzer
Barkatullah Briquet Griffon Vendeen
Dhikrullah Brittany
Ehsanullah Broholmer
Ekram Bull terrier
Faheem Bullmastiff
Faizullah Bulldog
Fariduddin Burgos Pointer
Fathalllah Leonberger
Fazlallah Brittany
Fouzan Pointer
Ghassa English Setter
Hamidullah Vizsla
Haitham Gordon Setter
Hamdan Irish Setter
Hamza Cao de Castro Laboreiro
Hayatullah Carpathian Shepherd Dog
Hidayatullah Chien Francais Blanc et Orange
Hikmat Chow Chow
Ikramullah Czechoslovak Wolfdog
Ihayatullah German Short-haired pointer
Ismatullah German Wire-haired pointer
Izzatullah Newfoundland
Jawdat Rottweiler
Kultham Tibetan Mastiff
Lutfullah English Mastiff
Mahbubur Dalmatian
Mashallah Cesky Fousek
Moinuddin Weimaraner
Muhibullah German Wirehaired Pointer
Muharrem Pit Bull Terrier
Murtaza Tibetan Mastiff
Nasralllah Dogue de Bordeaux
Nazimuddin Rottweiler
Nimatullah Golden Retriever
Obaidullah Great Dane
Rahman Leonberger
Rahmatullah Landseer
Saadallah Irish Wolfhound
Ridwan Dobermann
Rizqalllah German Shepherd


Gordon Setter
Salman Rottweiler
Sardar Bosnian Coarse-haired Hound
Shafiqullah German Wire-haired Pointer
Sharifullah Weimaraner
Samiullah Tibetan Mastiff
Sanaullah Newfoundland
Shakeel Landseer
Sharifullah Leonberger
Shujauddin Bullmastiff
Sirajuddin St. Bernard
Waliullah Spanish Mastiff
Zafarullah Carpathian Shepherd Dog
Zeeshan Rottweiler

Animalian Resistance Army (women's faction):

Name Animal Status
Khadijeh Leonberger Captured


English Cocker Spaniel Captured


English Springer Spaniel Captured


Welsh Springer Spaniel Tortured


French Spaniel Tortured


Akbash Captured


Border Collie Tortured


Border Collie Tortured


Rough Collia Tortured


English Springer Spaniel Captured


Leonberger Tortured


Leonberger Tortured


St. Bernard Tortured


Bulgarian Scenthound Tortured


St. Bernard Captured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


English Springer Spaniel Captured


Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Rough Collie Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Saluki Captured


St. Bernard Fugitive. Captured


Landseer Tortured


St. Bernard Captured


St. Bernard Captured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured


Carpathian Shepherd Tortured


Mudi Tortured


Kuvasz Captured


Saluki Tortured


Saluki Tortured


Tornjak Executed


German Spaniel Captured


Rottweiler Executed


Rottweiler Executed


German Spaniel Tortured


Doberman Executed


Siberian Husky Tortured


Alaskan Malamute Tortured


French Spaniel Tortured


Bucovina Shepherd Dog Captured


Rottweiler Tortured


Dobermann Tortured


Irish Water Spaniel Captured


Kuvasz Tortured


Saluki Executed


Black and Tan Coonhound Executed


Black and Tan Coonhound Executed


Black and Tan Coonhound Executed


German Longhaired Pointer Captured


German Spaniel Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Kuvasz Tortured


Saluki Captured

Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army:

Name Animal Status
Anisa St. Bernard Fugitive later captured
Nusrat Leonberger Tortured and assaulted
Benazir Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Bakhtawar St. Bernard Tortured
Asifa Kuvasz Tortured
Dilnoza Kuvasz Defector of the Road Rovers. Tortured
Yalanskaya Siberian Husky Defector of the Road Rovers. Prisoner of War
Lola Kuvasz Defector of the Road Rovers. Prisoner of War
Fatemah Tornjak Captured
Alina Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured
Anahita Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Ariana Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Atusa Landseer Captured
Azadeh French Spaniel Tortured
Bita English Cocker Spaniel Tortured
Farzaneh English Springer Spaniel Tortured
Fereshten Bloodhound Captured
Hayat Dobermann Tortured
Khorshid Rottweiler Tortured
Kira Rottweiler Tortured
Mankameh Siberian Husky Captured
Mahmoosh Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Marzien St. Bernard Tortured
Mazhgan Alaskan Malamute Captured
Nazanin Alaskan Malamute Captured
Roshanak Rottweiler Tortured
Rudaba Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured
Sanaz Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Sepideh Bucovina Shepherd Dog Tortured
Shantia Lioness Executed
Soraya Large Munsterlander Tortured
Tahmina Large Munsterlander Tortured
Tala Large Munsterlander Tortured
Zita Blue Picardy Spaniel Tortured
Roya Blue Picardy Spaniel Tortured
Shabana Saluki Captured
Zahida Kuvasz Captured
Anahita Alaskan Malamute Tortured
Oisha Siberian Husky Tortured
Sumayeh Doberman Tortured
Gulsaham Rottweiler Tortured
Tenkokuheya Rottweiler Tortured
Nigora Rottweiler Tortured
Mukhaiya Doberman Tortured
Faatina Large Munsterlander Fugitive. Re-captured
Fadwa Alaskan Malamute Fugitive. Re-captured
Fadheela Alaskan Malamute Fugitive. Re-captured
Fahmida Bucovina Shepherd Dog Fugitive.Re-captured
Faiza Bucovina Shepherd Dog Fugitive. Re-captured
Fazwiya Bucovina Shepherd Dog Fugitive. Re-captured
Haleema Carpathian Shepherd Dog Tortured
Hameeda Siberian Husky Tortured
Hasna Saluki Tortured
Husha Saluki Tortured
Haifa Saluki Tortured
Gurbansoltan Coyote Captured

Notable groups

The Anthro Saga

Various insurgent groups along with the Animalian military students and the Road Rovers back the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front against the Animalian Junta and the Animalian National Socialist Union but in the end with the retreat of their own allies the resistance split up with some fleeing to other places in Animalia with some living in the city but still violence continues until the end of the coup when martial law is declared.

At first the groups are split up with less experienced fighters against the Junta all being killed or captured and soon after a series of secret meetings between Shanmugam one of the leaders of the Liberators of Animalia and Ayub the military commander of the Animalian Resistance Army the armies cut off aid to the old resistance and for a short amount of time the resistance groups continue to be separate until all rivals are removed from the resistance's path paving way for unification and turning all resistance groups into one highly disciplined army which soon goes to war with the Animalian Junta and their allies.

During the last three years of the dictatorship the Animalian military students and other women's factions of the resistance as well as their main ally the Road Rovers launch riots in Animalia against the Junta and their allies whilst the Junta and their allies also launch riots and plunge Animalia into Civil war into which the whole resistance gets involved against the Junta. By the end of the war the male resistance fighters in the L.O.A, the Mujahideen and the A.R.A have fled, Animalia is in ruins, the Animalian military students, the Road Rovers regardless of gender and the women's factions of the resistance are captured with many female fighters from the L.O.A, the Mujahideen, the A.R.A and the D.A.P.R.A and most males from the Rovers being executed.

Survivors later fight against the Junta again with the Fox Junta, the Animalian Patriotic Front and the National Protection Process and later overthrow the government of Mechanikat freeing those who were also imprisoned in the resistance are freed from imprisonment and also rehabilitated by the government and all groups are re-established. Members of the groups are also rewarded by the Fox Junta after the dictatorship.

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