Anisa is a former Animalian terrorist and the leader of the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army, the only resistance group to be all women.


She is an anthropomorphic St. Bernard who is regarded as the most sophisticated leader, Ever and the most defiant because unlike most Muslims she disregards the traditional hijab or Abaya preferring to wear leathers, in this case she wears a black leather outfit with a white center on the jacket and high heeled boots.


Anisa's taste for leather shows quite an aristocratic streak for an Arab and because of this she is also regarded as very proper when she isn't leading the only female dominated group in the resistance and is also very proper when she is not murdering enemies constantly. Behind this though she has an extremely cold heart like one of her close friends Khadijeh and is also a weapons scavenger using anything as a weapon even anything obsolete such as playing cards or pencils.

Even if she is a leader and is a soldier/terrorist she is often regarded as the standard secret agent but behind also her extravagant and polite nature she is extremely vengeful at the end of the Junta years because the Junta have executed terrorists from the A.R.A, the L.O.A, the Mujahideen, the Rovers and the D.A.P.R.A most of those who are executed are female as well and like other leaders she is highly disciplined and expects the same level of discipline from her army, unlike most Arabs Anisa is shown to tolerate Tatyana and the A.M.S more than Azra, because of her skill in espionage and also sophistication she is commonly regarded as a secret agent and comes off as someone with military training from other resistance leaders.

She is also fiercely calm under pressure even in the most inappropriate situations because whilst everyone else is running around screaming or as she calls it "running around like headless chickens flailing their arms around." she barely shows any emotion. It is also a little known fact that Anisa has even served with Khadijeh herself and as well as other resistance leaders she has received agent training from Khadijeh which shows a great sense of friendship between the two dogs. Anisa does not accept her first arrest but she does accept her second one albeit very reluctantly.

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