Anita is a Hungarian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of the Junta general Viktor and the mother of Stefania and her brother Tibor.


In general alongside Tatjana and Nexhmije Anita is one of the most recognizable vixens in the Junta. She has red fur, a white muzzle and a green underbelly. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her later appearance in the Anthro Saga she wears a grey sweatshirt, a black knee length skirt, standard colored tights and black high heeled boots.


In her first appearance as a P.O.W Anita is shown to be a defiant character but is not the victim of any death threats which makes her as dangerous as Svetlana. She speaks fluent English and Hungarian and at her trial and the other vixens' trial her headset translates evidence into Hungarian but she responds in English. Anita also comes off as being a compassionate character who is good with other Junta children alongside her own. Though Anita shares friendships with other Junta vixens like Cristina, Sabina and Nexhmije she has close friendships with Gustav's wife Ivana, Vulko's wife Svetlana or Lana as she is often called, Herbert's wife Herta, Leonid's wife Viktoria, Nicolae's wife Elena and Wojciech's wife Anna. Anita also says that when they are grouped together they look like "Eastern Bloc first vixens", compared to most Eastern Bloc vixens she is also well known for her keen fashion sense instead wearing high heeled boots compared to the more military style boots that most vixens in the Junta wear.

Anita is also shown to be a skilled leader and serves as Nexhmije's second in command in the search for the Illusionist and like the other members of the Junta she is distrusting of the former Animalian First Lady Emily because of her bad history and often calls Emily "Első büntetőjogi" meaning "First criminal" due to the fact others call her a war criminal and the fact she is a former First Lady. But after realising Emily has the same nightmares as she does Emily, Anita and the other females in the Junta join forces in order to defeat The Illusionist. Off the battlefield Anita becomes one of the most sophisticated vixens in the Junta and is described by other Hungarian generals as being very romantic and someone who can definitely sing being known for her love of romance and opera. Her husband Viktor also says that it wasn't him who was attracted to her but it was rather her who was attracted to him.

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