Anne is an Ecuadorian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Vincente and the mother of their daughter Aida and their son Jeronimo


Because Anne is from Ecuador her color scheme is also the same as the Colombian vixen Maria's. The only difference being that whilst Maria has yellow fur Anne has red fur and has a yellow stripe running down her back and a dark blue underbelly unlike Maria who has a dark blue stripe running down her back. In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return in the anthro saga she wears a grey sweatshirt, a black knee length skirt, black tights and a brown jacket and like many members of the Junta she goes barefoot. She speaks English and Spanish.


Like Maria Anne is a very strong singer and also a very loud one but she hears Cristina's warning and tries to warn Maria to no avail and after she sparks off another song, like Maria, Anne is subjected to psychological torture only in her case Anne is blackmailed but eventually Belladonna tires of her and has her dragged back to her cell. Her strong singing also makes her a very prominent singer in the concert organized by the Junta.

Anne is also a skilled leader and is one of the fighters against the Illusionist but before the fight she is very distrusting of the former Animalian First Lady Emily Mengele due to her bad history but eventually grows to trust her. But aside from her other personality Anne is shown as a motherly character who is also good with other Junta children alongside her own

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