Anto is an Animalian politician and former mobster currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front. He is also a member of the now defunct Yugoslav Alliance.


He is an anthropomorphic Old Croatian Sighthound and is often regarded as the most sophisticated mobster in the Alliance alongside the Alliance's pilot Josip, in his soldier and mobster days he wears a black-grey marshall jacket and black grey trousers and wears this in his government time as well.


By far Anto is one of the most dominant Croatian dogs in the Yugoslav Alliance and one of the most determined, though he is a hero of the West he sees his previous self as being an enemy of the West thanks to the outrage that Operation Hood causes among the world and he is proud of this view. He is also very, very secretive not being involved in organized crime as much as the rest of the Alliance and he and Josip have the unique distinction of not targeting common Animals but instead targeting the army and the government hence why they kidnap Jovanka from Croatia and bring her to Animalia where she becomes a member of the Animalian Patriotic Front.

He is also just as devil may care as Radoslav, Dragoljub and Mirko and like one of his associated allies Matyas he greatly dislikes young children but dislikes the Junta babies more than young children, he and Matyas also share the same dislike for the babies calling them brats because of how much they scream and cry during the night. Anto's military attire also makes him good at improvisation impersonating an air marshal and not the one who shot down the real marshal, like other members of the Alliance except Zlatko at first he is interested by the Fox Junta and their allies and is also proud serving with the Fox Junta. But though he does not serve with it per se he is under the Animalian Patriotic Front and this is an ally of the Fox Junta itself, he remains loyal to his allies to the end.

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