Antonio is an Italian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the youngest son and middle child of the Italian general Vincente and his wife Maria.


Unlike his siblings who have normal coloured fox fur which is normally red he has white fur whilst Bella has red fur and Sebastiano has red-orange fur however Antonio has little to no distinguishable features, he wears a light blue T-Shirt and burgundy trousers.


Antonio may be Vincente's youngest son but he is just as mature as Sebastiano his brother, it can also be argued that he is the one who looks up to the Brazilian fox Luiz the most enjoying his cynical sense of humour and compared to Sebastiano he is much more obedient. Nonetheless he often likes to joke with Bella and his brother however no matter how mature he is there is some childish-ness in him.

He likes the Junta babies but says that Bella is the youngest of the three Italian children yet she is much more mature than them but he says that Bella being more mature than Josefina is understandable because Bella is a child and Josefina is a baby, Bella and his brother as well as his parents mostly his father also says that he is the only young child the babies show curiosity in however he himself shows curiosity primarily in Benito when he first meets him. In the Junta and their allies there are three animals that Antonio is amused by as well: Luiz because of his cynical nature, Vladimiro because of his bitter nature and overdramatic nature and Hafizullah but no one understands why, Sebastiano also believes that his jokable nature also comes from one of these three animals as he often likes to make fun of mostly adults.

There are also times when Antonio tries to stand up for his siblings only to fail miserably at one point trying to stand up to Saloth but failing however compared to Josefina, Santiago and Guillermo who would most likely run away crying Antonio is unshakable as his brother. Aside from him making fun of others he is good with young children and the babies having friendships with them even if the babies are more distant from the younger children because of their playful nature and Antonio does love his brother and sister

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