Antonio is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He is an anthropomorphic Bracco Italiano and though he is in the army he doesn't look like it especially in Argentina however like the Azerbaijani dog Ilham he wears military style trousers but a black T-shirt. In Argentina he wears a frilled shirt, a velvet smoking jacket, sharply creased evening trousers, a cravat and an inverness cloak showing him as one of the most serious dogs in the A.P.F but in his time in the government he is the most flamboyant dog in the government. He wears a white shirt with question marks on the collar, a red frock coat with green patchwork and yellow and pink labels, a brown waistcoat, a turquoise polka dot cravat and yellow striped trousers.


Antonio is well known for his volatility liable to change his personality without very little warning rapidly and unpredictably usually for the worst allowing enemies at first to live and having them die the next. The only ones who survive this are the Junta's prisoners Olivia and Rachel. Like a lot of other dogs including Gaetano and his boss Francesco he takes a lot of things very, very seriously arguably sharing a determination to bring down Mechanikat as much as the A.M.S.

Unlike most members of the A.P.F he also is constantly on edge though he is not anxious or nervous at all but he is very edgy. He gets irritated very quickly which also leads to a very un-trusting streak and someone you would not want to get on the wrong side of as at times is Gaetano however he is good at controlling his temper. Though he loves manipulation he does have a healthy sense of humor, Antonio is also relatively good with young Junta children and whilst Abdullah laughs at Santiago, the baby laughs at the dog because of his attire or so it is believed, but though Santiago finds Antonio funny it is more commonly Josefina who laughs at him. In his government time he goes through little change but his temper is certainly one change.

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