Anyayarkanni or Anya as she is often called by Russian allies is a

former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia's women's wing.


She is an anthropomorphic Chesapeake Bay Retriever and alongside Amantha is often regarded as one of, if not, the most conspicuous fighters in the L.O.A especially off the battlefield. She wears Tamil Tiger style uniform in blue, a black belt across her waist and black combat boots which she also wears off the battlefield unlike most L.O.A female fighters who sometimes change their clothing. Anyayarkanni speaks English, Tamil and Sinhala but she is also trying to learn Russian.


Bagyam and Anyayarkanni are shown to be very close friends but whilst Bagyam tends to be slightly more sympathetic Anya is considerably a lot more serious and heartless and will often attack anyone of no use to her without warning. As well as this, though she is not friendly with Amantha, she is shown to be a lot more self disciplined than Bagyam as well. If there is one flaw with Anya it is her improvisation skills, and this is her greatest weakness because though her allies are Slavic so are Junta collaborators and because she is trying to learn to speak Russian she sees herself speaking to a Polish collaborator in Sinhala or Tamil as sticking out like a sore thumb.

However she is better at sneaking in with the Junta's collaborators than the actual Junta because some of the collaborators either speak Tamil or Sinhala and in some cases English and as such languages she can understand. Anya is also not friendly only with members of the L.O.A and the resistance but also the A.M.S where she develops a friendship with many of it's members who are mostly Russian. Some of it's Russian members also teach her to speak Russian and after she is released from prison and rewarded by the Fox Junta Anya continues trying to learn to understand and speak Russian.

She is also considerably more western than some of her allies and a lot more practical, but though she is a serious character she is not nearly as serious as some of her allies especially Amantha. She is also one of those who enjoys the arts more than most allies and is more accepting of her arrest than most allies. But despite the fact she was vigilant off the battlefield she loosens up a bit once the dictatorship is over.

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