Ashley is a former Animalian politician and member of the Animalian National Socialist Union.


She is an anthropomorphic Rough Collie who is often said to be like Colleen who says she is an imposter. Like the other members of the Union her clothing is more relaxed but for some it's more militarized. In this case Ashley wears a black leather bodysuit and black boots during the Night of the Thieves but for the rest of the dictatorship she wears a dark blue bodysuit with light blue plates, a red belt across her waist, light blue gloves and blue boots. Interestingly enough her clothing is also worn by Charlotte and Dulce.


Though she is very nationalistic Ashley is also possibly the most softest but her true soft personality only comes in during the Hood sister's second interment. Though she is phonophobic Ashley is fine with Oswald's rousing speeches but like Leopoldo's son Guillermo and the Junta babies Josefina and Santiago she is scared when the participants of the girls second interment's "punishment" start screaming at them.

Oswald often calls her "The Grizabella of the Union" but he does not mean that everyone is afraid of her or hates her because as he knows Ashley is a rather sociable dog towards other members of the Union, he calls her this because of her nature and the fact she is untrusted by the Fox Junta even after she is released from prison but her former enemies soon begin to trust her. These include but not limited to: The Fox Junta's leader Roberto, the Bosnian general Dragutin and many members of the Animalian Patriotic Front, though her enemies trust her Ashley has problems with associating with her old enemies. This does not imply that Ashley is a psychopath because as others who are her allies and enemies know she has no psychopathic tendencies.

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