Dartmoor prison 465x309

HMP Dartmoor, one of the inspirations for the prison.

Ashtiago Junta Prison is a category B women's prison located in the capital of Animalia Ashtiago for adult females and young offenders for it's first use during and after the dictatorship . It was opened two years after Animalia declared independence and started off as a mixed prison.

The prison was rarely used during the regime of Mufasa but used more under the dictatorship as a concentration camp/ detention center where many foes of the regime were held. After Mechanikat was overthrown the prison held many supporters of the Junta and suspects of the Junta as well.


The prion's design comes from prisons such as Spandau Prison and Holloway Prison as well as Dartmoor and other prisons. It's defences include barbed wire, elctric fences and guard towers and are still in use after the dictatorship. After the dictatorship the prison held five prisoners and later went on to hold more. 

Facilities and conditions

The prisons conditions are much better than any prison from the 13th century to the 1960s or so. Prisoners are confined in solitary cells but are allowed to have visits. One of the prisoners Abigail recieves visits from the prisoner she saved Jake about 5-10 times when she was in prison. Inmates are also allowed freedom but have to be under guard in case of escape but unlike inmates at places like Guantanamo Bay prisoners are not usually restrained. There is a library, a gym and various rooms for unknown purposes. The cells also have a toilet, shower, radio, satellite TV and a dressing table for female prisoners.

The reason for these is that the new government wanted to prove that whilst Animalia is ruthless in battle it is generous in victory.

Notable prisoners

Name Animal Role Sentence
Belladonna Whippet torturer 20 years
Mirage Cat overseer 20 years
Vitani Lioness torturer and soldier 20 years
Emily Russian Blue Former First Lady of Animalia 20 years reduced to 10 years. Released after 5 years for good behaviour
Maria Lioness torturer 20 years. Released to stand trial for other crimes at Tyrannia. Finally released for good behavior
Hannah Wolf torturer Life. Released after 5 years for good behavior
Abigail Snow leopard torturer Life. Released for good behaviour
Phoebe Jaguar guard 10 years. Released for good behaviour
Chloe Lioness overseer 5 years
Crystal Bengal Tiger torturer 10 years
Daphne Leopard guard 20 years
Emma Serval guard 5 years.
Harriet Puma torturer 3 years
Myra Lynx guard 5 years
Maya Wolf guard 5 years
Laura Jaguar torturer 10 years. Released after 5 years for good behaviour
Kerryn Leopard guard 3 years
Jane Cheetah torturer 10 years. Released for good behaviour
Melanie Wolf guard 20 years. Released after 10 years for good behaviour
Amelia Jaguar torturer 10 years
Melissa Snow leopard guard 20 years
Narcissa Servai torturer 20 years
Nicola Siberian Tiger guard Life. Released for good behaviour
Sabrina Puma torturer 3 years
Sunita Servai guard 5 years
Susanna Jaguar guard 5 years
Tara Leopard guard Life. Released for good behaviour