Holloway Prison

HMP Holloway, one of the inspirations for the prison.

Ashtiago Women's Prison is a women's prison in the same place as the Junta prison: Ashtiago the capital of Animalia. In the Junta years the prison originally held women prisoners who were thought to be a threat to the dictatorship.

Like the Junta prison under Willem beatings and torture were routine but after the second coup conditions have improved and the prison has undergone "modernization". Since the Animalian Union of Fascists has been dissolved the prison now holds the women involved with the prison, the women's wing leader Irma and Oswald's wife Serafina.


The prison is said to look a lot more like Holloway. Unlike the Junta prison there is no barbed wire, electric fences etc. Instead it is run the same way as a normal prison. Prisoners like any other prison are confined to solitary cells that also include a toilet, shower, radio, satellite TV and a dressing table. There is also a library, a gym often used by prisoners like Serafina who are often very aggressive and various rooms used for unknown purposes. Since Jeannette took over the prison from Zira conditions are now much more sanitary and also less like Newgate and more like a modern prison. Like Nelson's Junta Prison prisoners are permitted to have the freedom of the prison but have to be under guard in case of escape and restraints are not used on prisoners.

Notable prisoners

Animalian National Socialist Union

Prisoner Animal Sentence
Serafina English Mastiff 6 years
Irma German Shepherd 6 years
Helen English Cocker Spaniel 6 years
Helena English Springer Spaniel 6 years
scope:"row"|Diana Bullmastiff 6 years
scope:"row"|Jessica Field Spaniel 6 years
scope:"row"|Kate Labrador Retriever 6 years
scope:"row"|Ashley Rough Collie 6 years
scope:"row"|Moira Border Collie 6 years
scope:"row"|Gemma Black Labrador 6 years
scope:"row"|Ellie Flat coated retriever 6 years
scope:"row"|Eve Curly coated retriever 6 years
scope:"row"|Veronica Yellow Labrador 6 years
scope:"row"|Wendy Clumber Spaniel 6 years
scope:"row"|Madeline Alaskan Malamute 6 years
scope:"row"|Lily Alaskan Husky 6 years
scope:"row"|Denise Siberian Husky 6 years
scope:"row"|Alice Dalmatian 6 years
Amanda Black Labrador 6 years
Stephanie Flat coated Labrador 6 years

Animalian Junta

Prisoner Animal Sentence
Olivia Lioness 10 years
Rachel Jaguar 10 years
Zira Lioness 20 years
Jade Cheetah 10 years
Teresa Leopard 5 years
Ebony Leopard Life. Relased for good behavior
Megan Jaguar 20 years
Molly Leopard Life. Released for good behavior
Lydia Jaguar 15 years
Bethany (called Beth for short) Indochinese tiger 20 years
Heather Snow leopard 5 years
Esther Siberian tiger 3 years
Hermione Malayan tiger 10 years
Felicia Jaguar 20 years. Released for good behavior
Justine Cheetah Life. Released after 3 years for good behavior
Miranda Leopard 20 years
Georgia Sumatran tiger 10 years. Released for good behavior
Chelsea Bengal tiger 5 years. Released after 3 years for good behavior
Katrina Siberian tiger 3 years
Jodie Jaguar 3 years
Mia Cheetah 3 years
Sophie Leopard 5 years
Rhiannon Jaguar 5 years
Shannon Leopard 10 years
Marian Leopard 15 years
Natasha Cheetah 10 years
Scarlett Leopard 20 years. Released after 10 years for good behavior
Ellie Jaguar 10 years
Samantha Snow leopard 15 years. Released after 10 years for good behavior
Gabriella Leopard 5 years. 
Nancy Cheetah 3 years
Lauren Jaguar 10 years
Hayley Leopard 10 years
Lucy Wolf 3 years
Sally Lioness 4 years
Josie Snow leopard 5 years
Tamara Leopard 3 years
Carly Jaguar 6 years
Elsa Cheetah 10 years
Frederica Leopard 4 years
Alyssa Leopard Life. Released for good behavior
Holly Snow leopard 3 years
Anastasia Snow leopard 2 years. Raised to six years. Released two months before her sentence finishes for good behavior
Angelina Leopard 3 years
Keira Jaguar 10 years. Released for good behavior
Leonara Leopard 6 years
Niamh Lioness 4 years
Caitlin Cheetah 10 years
Amber Leopard 20 years. Released for good behavior
Louise Jaguar Life. Released for good behavior
Bianca Jaguar 15 years
Jasmine Leopard 20 years. Released for good behavior