Augusto is a Chilean fox involved with the Fox Junta and is Roberto's right hand man. He is also close friends with Alfredo as they are always often seen together.


His fur color is a very dark blue and he has a white underbelly and muzzle. Unlike the other foxes involved with Roberto his stripe is a blackish-red. His country of origin is Chile possibly the capital Santiago. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white Marshall jacket with light blue trousers.


Augusto is shown to be very close friends with Alfredo despite the fact they both come from two separate countries but he does not seem to care as they are both Latin American and has little care about the country they are from. He is also very experienced in torture and though he hasn't seen any of the methods the Animalian Junta use he does use their methods on Siad.

He may be a hero but even so he has a very sadistic streak as he is shown smiling listening to Siad's screams, at first he suggests killing Siad immediately but Alfredo decides against the idea, he also appears to be extremely xenophobic because he does not trust Brainy at first but decides against having her tortured saying she has been through enough when he first meets her. He eventually allows himself to trust the Animalian Patriotic Front. But Augusto is also extremely judgmental and accuses the N.P.P leader Jorge of being an imposter.

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