Augusto is an Argentine fox involved with the National Protection Process and is a Brigadier general in the organization.


Because of Augusto Pinochet he is often thought to be Chilean but his colour choice makes him look Uruguayan as he has gold-ish fur with tinges of white and light blue which are more like patches than actual fur than most foxes, his clothing definitely makes him look Argentine though as he wears a white shirt, a black tie, dark blue trousers and a dark blue army jacket.


Alongside Omar and some Chilean members of the N.P.P Augusto is one of the most fearsome members of the organization especially to young children. He is also one of those involved in taking children onto a bus and sending the Junta to the Teatro del libertador del Saint Martin some of which mostly adults such as Roberto, Manuel and some others accept but others such as Elena, Lucia and others believe it to be a violation of animal rights and a kidnapping.

The thing that makes Augusto fearsome is that he does everything very aggressively mainly loading the children onto a bus to be driven to the theatre. He especially frightens the Junta babies sending them to the back of the bus whilst having many ones at the front but eventually after the babies get so disruptive Augusto is ordered to take the babies upstairs on their own which he does and the babies are sent to the back of the coach where they continue kicking, screaming and throwing real tantrums. Though this annoys Augusto he never abuses the babies instead he tries to get the babies to be quiet by giving them a rattle which they throw away, so he gives them a dummy but again this never works because they spit them out but even though the babies spit the dummies out they eventually calm down at gunpoint. Julio then allows them to suck fresh dummies which they suck for the rest of the journey.

Despite his nature though he is deeply chivalrous often calling many Latin American vixens "senora" but nonetheless he and the other Chilean members of the N.P.P come under very heavy criticism from the babies' parents Fructuoso and Lucia even though he never hurt them. Augusto also believes the babies to be the most hated members of the Junta and their allies with the only ones not hating them being their parents and he believes this because so many allies of the N.P.P hate the babies and he hates them too.

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