Ayub is a former Animalian terrorist and presumed military commander of the Animalian Resistance Army.


He was named after former Pakistani dictator Ayub Khan.


He is an anthropomorphic Braque Saint-Germain who appears much more militaristic than his boss or virtually any Muslim dog in the resistance or at least is considered One of it's most militarized members. He is also regarded as one of the resistance's most sophisticated members and also one of it's most disturbing almost, he wears a brown marshall jacket with a red collar and brown trousers. Arguably he wears the same jacket worn by his A.P.F counterpart Yahya.


Ayub is regarded much more sophisticated than most members of the A.R.A because most of them wear much more traditional clothing such as turbans, keffiyeh's, robes, head-dresses etc., he is also regarded as the most sadistic member of the resistance leading to many young children being afraid of him and this includes the 15 biological puppies and 84 adopted puppies that the Mujahideen bring to resistance controlled territory with their father. Unlike Hunter and his new wife Charlotte Ayub does not believe in democracy for the resistance yet though he believes the resistance not to be democratic he is wrong because the Road Rovers has two leaders Hunter and Charlotte, the A.M.S has four leaders and the women's faction of the Mujahideen has two leaders whilst the women's faction of the L.O.A has three leaders, however he is right about others because others are led by One animal.

Despite the fact the Road Rovers and the A.M.S has more than one leader he is still respectful towards the A.M.S leaders and the Rovers' leaders because they are actually disciplined unlike previous resistance groups which Ayub does not care about but at the same time he enjoys the leadership of these groups because they were so incompetent and dependent on the resistance for virtually everything. Arms, membership, the lot. It's thanks to Ayub that these groups end up disbanded, proscribed, imprisoned with some being executed because he cuts off aid to these groups. He also shows no remorse for any of the previous resistance member's deaths, despite this though he appreciates two things: Beauty and innocence and as a result he takes a very small like in the Junta babies and it is a very, very small like indeed.

Like most members he is extremely intolerant which results in the resistance also looting and pillaging many buildings in resistance controlled territory, though the government does not last for very long Ayub also comes up with the idea of a military government being made in resistance controlled territory but it never happens. One disturbing aspect about him is that he has satanic like tendencies like a few other members of the resistance the most notable ones being himself, Shohreh, Anisa and many others but he is also a strong ally of the Fox Junta and it's allies.

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