Five rounds, rapid! - The Daemons - Doctor Who - BBC02:44

Five rounds, rapid! - The Daemons - Doctor Who - BBC

The famous "Five Rounds Rapid" scene in The Daemons, 1971. Azal's voice in this scene is also used for Red/Scarface in The Return of Steele. The voice is also used for Red in Search for the Sword.

Azal is one of the main antagonists of the Doctor Who episode The Daemons alongside The Master and Bok. He is the last of the titular race from the planet Damos.

In his respective story, the Master wanted Azal's power and summoned Azal three times but he wanted to give it to the Doctor or destroy the world as a failed experiment, but the Doctor refused. Then Azal decided to give the Master his power and destroy the Doctor. Jo Grant told Azal to kill her instead. Azal, not understanding her willingness to give her own life for someone else's, was thus destroyed when his own power turned against him in his confusion, and destroyed himself and his ship at the dig at Devil's Hump was destroyed.

A similar voice to Azal's is also used for Scarface in The Return of Steele and it continues to be used for his true form.

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