Babrak is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


He was named after Afghanistan's near last communist leader Babrak Karmal.


He is an anthropomorphic Kuchi who most of his allies argue that he is involved with the Taliban as are his associates Hafizullah and Burhanuddin which often leads to all sorts of conflict. Like many Asian dogs in the Arab world he wears a brown robe with a black turban. He also wears this in his government days. Babrak speaks English, Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto and Dari.


Babrak is shown to be very respectful to women however despite his respect for women Lady Blue, Brainy Barker and many others involved with the Junta and not involved with the Junta accuse him of misogyny. He is also shown to be just as bad tempered as Mashiur. Unlike the Bangladeshi dog though he is able to keep his temper under control and is one of the dogs who restrains Choummaly after Mashiur gets into a fight with him, off the battle field though Babrak is shown to be religious and spiritual, some also call him a wise dog.

When he first meets Brainy he often believes her to be Iranian because of her dog breed and the fact she is a Saluki and can also speak Arabic but this is few and very far between. But her saying that she is an Afghan causes conflict between Babrak and Hafizullah who believe that she too is Afghan. Brainy however is neither Iranian or Afghan as they eventually find out. Much like Panteleimon Babrak also sings very loudly at one point recognizing the tune of a song that is sung by the Junta as his national anthem "Milli Surood". As well as Arabic Babrak is also fluent is Kazakh, Russian and other Slavic and Asian languages.

Despite his temper though Babrak is rather friendly with young Junta children and many of the older children in the Junta and in his government days he manages to be much calmer and controls his temper. He also shares friendships with many members of the A.P.F and their allies.

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