Bagyam is a former Animalian terrorist and member of the Liberators of Animalia. She is also one of many resistance fighters to be executed by the Animalian Junta.


She is an anthropomorphic Curly Coated Retriever and though she is Sri Lankan she often appears like she is Thai, especially off the battlefield. She is also a lot more rebllious off the battlefield, on the battlefield she wears Tamil Tiger style uniform in blue, a black belt across her waist and black combat boots which she also often wears off the battlefield but more commonly off the battlefield she wears a purple Chut Thai Chakkri, a white purple necklace and high heels. Unlike most female characters who wear high heels who wear black shoes with the exception of Aida who wears red shoes Bagyam wears gold shoes. Unlike most L.O.A fighters she keeps this clothing in the dream world because she is dead.


Bagyam off the battlefield even if she wears purple is a surprisingly elegant animal when she is not blowing enemies up constantly, like a lot of other resistance fighters who get executed by the Junta including herself she is ready to die for the resistance and is exceeded by the fact that she is very arrogant. Very, very arrogant in death but there will be times when she is even arrogant to Sunethra especially when she visits the hospital as a ghost. Like many L.O.A fighters she is also well known for her devotion to war even calling warfare glorious.

It doesn't alter the fact that she is relatively spiritual nonetheless and participates like many others in spiritual ceremonies, even those who are not spiritual, Bagyam is also shown to have a close relationship with Gopalaswamy visiting him frequently in hospital as a ghost. Just before her execution she is also shown to be very calm under pressure, a Tamil member of the Junta also tells her to stand where he asks her which she does and he says that she stands there very, very firmly. Bagyam is described as someone with a sharp military mind and proud of her accomplishments to the end and a strong patriot.

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