Bernadette is a French vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the daughter of the French general Marcel and his wife Marie.


She is around the age of Carmen or Bogdana being around thirteen or fourteen years of age. Like the other Junta children and the other generals Bernadette has plain fur which means her fur has no patterns. She has plain red fur with a white underbelly and wears light blue leggings with a long sleeved white T-Shirt but she still goes barefoot. Quite literally she is a shell of her mother who is much more elegant.


Bernadette is often said to be a spitting image of her mother not necessarily because of her appearance but because of her personality as she is the only one to be a robophobe (not that Marie is a robophobe) this fear comes from her encounter with a Cyberman and later a Dalek but her fear lies more with the Cybermen and they also haunt her dreams. She is generally outgoing but impatient especially with most children in the Junta mainly the younger ones but despite her age she often acts like a second mother to young young children. Just like Bogdana she cares for Leopoldo's son Basilio and also shares a friendship with him and his siblings but also shares friendships with other Junta children.

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