Bianca is a former school bully and collaborator of the Animalian Junta. Whereas Alexandra is Tatyana's rival she is the rival of Tatyana's second in command Gulnara.


She is an anthropomorphic Aardwolf who is Alexandra's right hand girl and close friend and because of this she is viewed as a senior collaborator with many others. But like her friend and rival she wears unusual clothing for a leader wearing a white T-Shirt and grey sports leggings but she still goes barefoot.


Bianca hates Gulnara and Gulnara hates her, the coyote also describes Bianca as the most despicable animal ever. But it isn't just Gulnara that Bianca hates but every single member of the A.M.S or female in the Animalian resistance as well as the women's faction of each male dominated organization, these mainly involve the Liberators of Animalia led by Velupillai for it's male faction and Chandrika for it's female faction, the Animalian Mujahideen led by Omar for it's male faction and Shohreh for it's female faction and the Resistance army of Animalia led by Osama for it's male faction and Khadijeh for it's female faction and this also involves the Road Rovers of which Hunter is the leader of it's male faction and Charlotte of it's female faction.

She also shares Alexandra's pettiness seeing everything done against the Animalian Junta as a crime and as a result of the Junta's opponents foreign majority is very fiercely xenophobic refusing to let enemies join the Junta even by force. Like Alexandra she widely blames the A.M.S for all sorts of things also holding it responsible for the expulsion of Turkish collaborators. Even on trial she believes she has done nothing wrong even holding Tatyana, Gulnara and the A.M.S's two other leaders Keteran and Katarina as well as other leaders responsible for outnumbering the collaborators. It is also a well known fact that Bianca loves the humiliations of the A.M.S but it is also little known that she orders them with Alexandra and just as Alexandra loves humiliating Tatyana Bianca love humiliating Gulnara. She also does not believe in giving enemies right and is widely considered a vigilante but she is also very cruel to most of the male Road Rovers. In the end she accepts no defeat.

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