Bikram is an Animalian politician and former soldier currently serving under the Animalian Patriotic Front.


Like the other Indian dog Indira he is an anthropomorphic Kumaon Mastiff but unlike Indira who is a muscular breed but has a feminine body Bikram's breed is muscular and so is his body structure. In his soldier days he wears a yellow jumper, burgundy trousers and a black turban but in his government time he wears a white shirt, a navy tie, trousers and jacket but he still keeps his turban.


Bikram is described as being very silent and very aggressive making him out to be like a thug and is very commonly described as a thug but this is merely a cover as he is highly intelligent. Much like Panteleimon he is also very strong, even after his soldier days have finished he still acts like a soldier though. Though he takes orders from Pranab, Charlie, Ramiz and Anwar Bikram is very close to Dawood who he also often obeys without question.

He is completely unsympathetic for consequences to enemies but unlike most of his enemies he cares about consequences to allies. The fact that he thinks that enemies do not care about anyone else shows how judgmental and xenophobic Bikram really is. As well as strength he is also an expert in combat, Dawood also says that he is a second dan in karate, Bikram is also not only strong but also very barbaric, savage and brutal even carrying his strength to Siad being able to turn Siad's hands black and also bear hug him.

His savagery comes in when he says "When it comes to beatings, it's every man for himself" and whilst others beat Siad with clubs, sticks, pipes or something else Bikram beats Siad with bones mainly femurs or skulls whilst shouting in Hindi just as other male members of the organizations shout in their native language such as the Serbian general Dragutin shouting at Siad in Serbian or Stanko beating him whilst shouting at him in Bulgarian. It is also said that he keeps bones like trophies which makes Pranab say "He may be a buffoon. But being swayed will cost you your life." Despite Pranab's statement Bikram is more compassionate with the Junta babies even if he does scare them but he does enjoy watching them as well. Bikram's compassion also goes to the younger Junta children as well. Even though he still acts like a soldier in his government time Bikram's savagery vanishes and a professional personality takes over.

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