Blitz is a character from the series Road Rovers and is often regarded as the group's scapegoat though in the anthro saga there is no scapegoat.


He is an anthropomorphic Dobermann who is said to sound like Arnold Schwarzenneger but this trait is gone in the Anthro Saga and though he is most cowardly hero ever known he is also much more braver. In both his forms he wears a dark blue bodysuit with light blue plating, light blue gloves and light blue boots with a red belt across his waist and the uniform worn by the rest of the Road Rovers in the anthro universe.

The Anthro Saga

Unlike before in the series Road Rovers Blitz's feelings for Colleen have vanished and so has his cowardice replaced by a dedicated personality. As a result he is a very determined fighter against the Animalian Junta taking very few prisoners, the Road Rovers fight alongside the Fox Junta and the Animalian Patriotic Front alongside their ally the Animalian military students. During the final stages of the coup it seems those trying to prevent the rise of the Junta are defeated until the real allies are brought into battle which is witnessed by many Junta children.

The Road Rovers eventually retreat to a laboratory until the Junta attack it and burn it down at which point the A.M.S come for them and bring them to the Animalian resistance controlled territory. For the next three months the Rovers reside at a military base inside resistance controlled territory until the Junta come for the Rovers initiating the Animalian Civil War and leading to the disbandment of captured organizations by the Junta. These include: the Road Rovers, the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army and the women's factions of the Liberators of Animalia, the Mujahideen and the Animalian Resistance Army. But the method of death for Blitz is disputed. It is often believed he left an enemy for dead who then shot the retreating dog in the leg and whilst Hunter tends to Blitz the Rover is sprayed with bullets.

But the most common circumstance is that whilst Exile is killed by the Junta Blitz is killed by a militia as he ends up being taken from his cell receiving 100 lashes along with many other members of each organization before being dragged to death. Whilst other prisoners are sent back to their cells Blitz's body is lynched in the camp. His boots are originally thought to have been stolen but the Junta decide against stealing from the enemy. The bodies are later thrown off a plane into the North Sea which becomes the final resting place for thousands of Animalians during the dictatorship.

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