Bogdana is a Bulgarian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the younger sister of Stanislava and the younger daughter of the Bulgarian general Vulko and his wife Svetlana.


She gets her physical appearence from her mother but looks more like her father as she has no distinguishing features. She wears a white polo shirt and sometimes white or black leggings but she still goes barefoot. At the age of twelve she is one of the youngest children of the Junta alongside many other children including Basilio, Isabella and Guillermo who she shares friendships with.


Bogdana is just as curious as Basilio, Isabella and Guillermo but sometimes she knows her curiosity gets her into trouble but she does have a close friendship with Basilio and tries to go after him until her sister holds her back and put her on the ratline. After asking why Stanislava did what she did Bogdana says that her sister doesn't care about Basilio but after her sister tells her that she does but also tells her he would be in danger and wrongly tells her that what Animalia is under is a Junta to which Bogdana takes offence and says "We're a Junta but we have children" to which Stanislava tries to explain other Juntas only to leave a more detailed explanation to their mother who explains that if Basilio was to be captured by the Junta he may not have made it out alive.

The statement that Bogdana makes to her sister shows a stubborn personality streak in her personality but she is a sisterly character and a friendly one as well and shares friendships with other Children of the Junta, though she enjoys to be in the Fox Junta she is thankful that the Fox Junta do not recruit children and never intend to. Like her sister Bogdana also enjoys traveling with her sister in Argentina when Lana and the Bulgarian girls refuse to travel on the bus with the N.P.P. Though Bogdana enjoys public transport she says that she would rather travel with Georgi which she and her sister do.