Branislaw is a Belarusian fox involved with the Fox Junta. He is the left hand man of Alexander and is the husband of Galina and the father of Nikolay.


He has white fur with red patches on his body and face, these red patches are more prominent on his face whereas white is more prominent on his hands. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he dresses more like a police officer than a general like the Serbian general Dragutin. Branizlaw wears a white shirt, a dark blue police style jacket and black trousers.


Branislaw is just like any normal fox as he is very devious and cunning being able to break Galina out of prison under the guidance of his leader Alexander, like many others he has no regard for rules on the road and though he does not break severe rules he is still a reckless driver, for example on a clear stretch of road he feels like he can do whatever he likes. Like Arnold he is almost like a hitman having a sense of arrogance in him believing that he can succeed in plans he makes and for some cases he does.

Though he likes to stick to a main plan there will be times he considers a second plan sometimes which has severe consequences for others mostly enemies though he doesn't care. Like many other generals who are married such as Stefan in the case of Silvia Branislaw is very protective of his wife and when he breaks her out of prison though Alexander has some influence so does Galina encouraging him to break the speed limit. When he escapes from the police Branislaw is also shown to be a lot more tolerant of pain than his wife because as soon as Galina is on board an Aerospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon she is immediately winched up mainly due to her starting to slip and ultimately gets rope burns on her hands whereas Branislaw is winched up on an AgustaWestland AW101 but hangs on until the journey is over then he is winched up when he begins to slip and is taken to hospital with rope burns on his chest.

Branislaw's cunning nature also comes in when Yanka and Taduez come for him and Galina which involves him throwing a brick on the accelerator of a van used by him to get Galina out of prison tricking police officers he and his wife had perished which also shows that he has very quick reflexes. Though a general he calls himself a lieutenant because of his close nature to his leader, this is particularly prominent when he calls Alexander after breaking Galina out of prison. However he is not only protective of Galina but also of Nikolay which leads to a secretive nature and intolerance of young Junta children at times though he loves his wife and son.

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