Branka is a former Animalian prisoner of war and member of the Animalian military students.


She is an anthropomorphic Blue Fox and alongside many A.M.S members she wears two sets of clothing, when she is not with Olga Branka wears black leggings, a purple T-Shirt and light blue slip-on shoes whilst when she is with Olga she wears a grey T-Shirt, blue jeggings, white trainer socks and light green running trainers.


Since she is Serbian Branka is friendly with many Yugoslav allies and like many of her allies she has often if not frequently been involved with very lengthy lectures from Radmila or her other lectures but unlike her more sympathetic friend Gorana Branka leaves each lecture with a great sense of resentment, though she is not Bulgarian and is Serbian she feels insulted by the Slavic co-operation with the Junta.

Though she and Gorana are friends with each other at times Branka is often frustrated by her and also refuses to defend her, but though she defends Gorana it is very rare that she does. Many of her allies say of Branka that she is someone who will get involved with or start an argument. Unlike Gorana Branka will commonly have a great resentment sense after a long lecture if it is directed at her but as well as Gorana she is frustrated by softer resistance fighters and alongside others in her faction she is a frequent participant in military parades. Even if Branka does defend Gorana rarely she is the only fighter Branka defends as she defends her and no one else.


Before joining the A.M.S Branka serves under Radmila being one of 57 Slavic Animalians to serve under her makeshift army before joining the A.M.S, unlike Gorana though Branka reluctantly accepts Olga's decision to be a part of her faction and it is also here where she learns the importance of self discipline and like Radmila expects the same amount of discipline from other allies. In the final battle though she is deprived of this as she is arrested and imprisoned where she is put with at least three female collaborators who spend their time with her screaming at her but even so Branka doesn't care unlike Gorana who also has collaborators put with her that spend their whole time in her cell screaming at her and is often heard in her cell crying. After the dictatorship Branka is released from prison and is rehabilitated by the government and rewarded by the Fox Junta.

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