The Ceapseohawk otherwise known as The Eagle is a Bald eagle kaiju that features in The Mammal Wars. Alongside Zebiccoon it is the second kaiju in the series that can fly.


Originally designed as a vulture, the ceapseohawk is redesigned as a bald eagle but much larger. This is particularly shown on Tarn Crag when it appears for the second time because in its first appearance it is hidden in the shadows.


Unlike its Defenders of Earth counterpart Slenkrentney who is used as a signal for the presence of Nusuntluv after Invaders of the Galaxy as well as the Tasmanian devil Keeceleon who is used as a signal for the presence of Jomnune, the Ceapseohawk does not have much of a developed personality.

It also is strange for a kaiju because it is of a neutral alliance alongside Bastamander to an extent but the difference between the hawk and Bastamander is that the latter eventually becomes one of Seslinian's allies and helps him defeat Jomnune.

Powers and abilities

Unlike other kaiju who have a variety of powers and abilities and even Zebiccoon who can fly but also has a beam attack, the Ceapseohawk has only one ability: Flight.

This is its only ability because it is only used as a signal for the presence of Blasteovark and does not actively attack Seslinian or protect the fox.

The Mammal Wars

The King of the Fells:

Alongside Blasteovark, the Ceapseohawk is a famous kaiju in the North of England and it is said that wherever the Eagle is, the tiger won't be far behind. It first appears late at night when the red fox Seslinian first arrives in Grasmere where the hawk has been sighted the most.

On top of that, its presence is a signal that the Beast may come but its shriek is an indicator that it will definitely come which occurs on two separate occasions: At night when the Beast strikes for the first time in Grasmere and lays siege to it and in the day time when it is spotted by Seslinian on Tarn Crag; which is also the last appearance of the Eagle.

Hyenas and Tigers:

Danger's Glory:

The PHANTOM Invasion: