Chandrika is a former Animalian terrorist and the leader of the women's faction of the Liberators of Animalia.


She was named after former Sri Lankan president Chandrika Kumaratunga


She is an anthropomorphic Landseer who is strange for the army because though she is in the army she doesn't look like it unlike her two aides Sirimavo and Violet. Chandrika wears a light blue Buddhist like robe and a dark blue kasaya with a talisman round her neck.


Chandrika's relationship with the leader of the L.O.A Velupillai is often likened to that of Hafez and Asma in the Animalian Patriotic Front because though the two are not related Chandrika is fiercely close to her leader, but behind though she is known to be superstitious as she wears a talisman with a pentagram on it around her neck and she is spiritual but she is utterly ruthless. It's thanks to her that the resistance establish relations with the A.M.S one by one starting with the Road Rovers then the L.O.A, the Dictatorship and Persecution Resistance Army before concluding with the Animalian Resistance Army and the Mujahideen. Outside the A.M.S it is also regarded that Chandrika is Tatyana's closest friend.

She also is fiercely close to Velupillai because she also sees him as a saviour and as well as a very skilled leader she is a skilled assassin being behind the assassination of many high ranking members of the Junta and their allies. One assassination also takes place in a school carried out on the orders of Chandrika, Anisa, Charlotte, Tatyana, Shohreh, Khadijeh, Gulnara, Keteran and Katarina which is thought to be retaliation. Like many others regardless of organization she also participates in the torture of prisoners by the resistance, though the L.O.A's women's faction and others start off not attacking the prisoners the treatment soon becomes much more brutal but fortunately no prisoners are ever beaten to death yet she manages to keep babies safe from the Junta as well. When the children are brought to territory controlled by the resistance by the A.M.S Santiago wanders off and sees as many as eighteen hundred babies saved by the resistance, his discovery of the babies also surprises many members of the resistance if not all the resistance because none of them have any idea that Santiago and Josefina are babies but can walk, very slowly and awkwardly but walk nonetheless. Chandrika is also regarded as the most strong-willed or one of the most strong-willed leaders in history going through much even threats of execution. Like Aida in the Fox Junta she cares so little of what others perceive of her.

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