Charlotte is a member of the Road Rovers which by the events of the Anthro Saga has increased it's membership to 52 members. She is also the First Lady of Animalia.


She is an anthropomorphic Labrador retriever who like many of the rovers wears the traditional bodysuit worn by the Rovers regardless of gender. In the anthro world the male rovers are the only males to wear footwear because everyone else who is male goes with bare-feet. Charlotte also appears muscular because of her suit as she wears a dark blue bodysuit with light blue plates, light blue gloves, light blue knee length boots and a red belt across her waist with the two golden R's on it. One noticeable trait that Charlotte also has which is very common in the female rovers is that she has long brown hair which is approximately the same length as Colleen's. Her hair also has the same feel to it.


Charlotte is just as defiant a character as Sasha le Fleur as well as any of the females in the Rover's ally or enemy because like many others she is involved with the army and though she tries to fight off the Rover's captors she fails and is ultimately captured with them. In battle she is very skilled in martial arts as well as very skilled with a gun, in prison she also refuses to answer any questions given to her but when she does she answers very indignantly.

Despite the fact she is American she is rather sophisticated as well but she is very highly caring being good with young Junta children but very cautious around the babies when she and Hunter are exiled to Argentina but she is very adventurous as well as being extremely vengeful, at the start of the dictatorship there are 25 rovers which later expands to 41 , by the end of the dictatorship 8 members are either killed, shot by a firing squad or drowned in the River Elbe. But she is very disapproving of Blitz's cowardly nature threatening to have him removed and though she is motivational to the Rover's cause of recruiting more to the Rovers's cause she does but not as much as the A.M.S the Rovers' main ally in Animalia do. When it comes to her time as First Lady of Animalia though Charlotte is more trusting and willing than Hunter, though she does not grant Mechanikat a state funeral she allows flags to fly at half mast to mark the passing of a former head of state.

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