The Children of the Fox Junta also called "Children of the Junta" or just "Junta children" are the sons and daughters of the members of many Fox Junta generals.

The list


Latin American:



Name Age Nationality
Pranvera 17 Albanian
Sokol 17 Albanian
Artashes 16


Nikolay 17 Belarusian
Beatrix 18 Belgian
Astrid 16 Belgian
Miroslav 15 Bosnian
Stanislava 15 Bulgarian
Bogdana 12 Bulgarian
Lana 15 Croat
Alexander 15 Czech
Maarja 16 Estonian
Bernadette 14 French
Alfred 15 German
Stefania 16 Hungarian
Tibor 16 Hungarian
Bella 10 Italian
Antonio 11 Italian
Sebastiano 12 Italian
Laimdota 16 Latvian
Vytautus 15 Lithuanian
Branko 16 Macedonian
Filip 16 Montenegrin
Monica 15 Polish
Zoia 17 Romanian
Natalya 15 Russian
Mirjana 16 Serbian
Rudolf 15 Slovak
Josip 15 Slovene
Carmen 10 Spanish
Hanna 15


South American:

Name Age Nationality
Basilio, Isabella and Guillermo 10, 9 and 5 Argentine
Lidia 15 Bolivian
Dulce 17 Brazillian
Luiz 17 Brazillian
Marco 15 Chilean
Jacqueline 15 Chilean
Carola 18 Colombian


17 Ecuadorian
Jerónimo 17 Ecuadorian
Graciela 15 Paraguayan
Vladimiro 16 Peruvian
Josefina Infancy Uruguayan
Santiago Infancy Uruguayan
Hugo 16 Venezuelan

Central American:

Name Age Nationality
Monica 17 Mexican
Maximiliano 17 Salvadoran
Oscar 15 Guatemalan
Florencio 16 Honduran
Lorenzo 15 Nicaraguan

Before, during and after the dictatorship


After Roberto moves the Fox Junta to West Germany many children in the Junta are born in Germany regardless of nationality the exception with nationality being Alfred and the exception of being born in Germany being the Junta babies Santiago and Josefina who are born in the Bunker when the Junta goes underground after receiving death threats from school bullies, though they are not active combatants they are attempted to be kept from harm's way in the Bunker until the Junta is forced to retreat in the aftermath of the Animalian coup which overthrows the democratically elected government of Mufasa and Nava.

During the dictatorship:

Being forced into the exile many children manage to flee though some such as Monica, Zoia and Maarja are nearly captured by the Junta but brought back and brought to Argentina where they spend the rest of the years of the dictatorship in exile below the Teatro del Libertador General Saint Martin planning the overthrow of the Junta. Near the end of the dictatorship the Animalian military students send Lena and many other members to bring the Junta children into Animalia out of harm's way. Regardless of age the children are then put on a plane and flown to Animalia then are sent to the System and stay there until the invasion of Animalia and their collection and retreat to the Bunker,

After the dictatorship:

Following the Junta years the children are returned to the Bunker right through the events of Trial of the Saluki eventually saluting two new members of the Junta, following this initiation the children remain in the Bunker until the dissolution of the Junta when they live normal lives again with their parents.