Chloe is a former member of the Animalian Junta and alongside Mirage is the overseer at the female camp at Trebdanek concentration camp.


Like Maria Chloe is an anthropomorphic lioness but has two different types of clothing. During her time with the Junta she wears a white blouse, a dark green military jacket, a light green skirt and black boots and a brown belt across her waist. She also wears this in prison. After her release she wears a white polo shirt but keeps her skirt and jacket and though she still often wears boots she goes barefoot. She is seldom seen without an expendable baton.


Alongside Mirage Chloe is the overseer at the women's camp and alongside Maria is perhaps another cruel character. She enjoys psychological torture and also is shown to enjoy shooting prisoners in cold blood and often beating prisoners usually children. Chloe often stands by the gates waiting for someone to look at her and if anyone does she often beats them, shoots them or has them taken out the line and they are never heard of again. Though Chloe is one of the supervisors she is told by Mirage to stay with the other guards and is ultimately arrested with the others. She is then taken to the Animalian Palace of Justice and sentenced to five years in prison. Today she resides in Animalia.

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