Christa is a former collaborator of the Animalian National Socialist Union and is one of few foxes that collaborates with the A.N.S.U


She is an anthropomorphic Blue vixen with light blue fur, a light blue muzzle and a white underbelly with dark blue hair with a green band that holds it in a ponytail, she is also one of many collaborators, allies and even enemies who wears energetic clothing though there is a great amount in the anthro world who wear un-energetic clothing. In Christa's case she wears a white T-shirt, grey sports leggings, white socks and running trainers.


Though she is German Christa is shown to be close friends with Effychia who is Greek and also Sarma who is Latvian who are also among those who wear energetic clothing, whilst Gundega is very cruel to Laimdota she is very cruel to the Croatian vixen Lana as she is jealous of Alfred's affection to her even though Alfred is also friends with Christa but to her friendship is not enough. She also dreams of making Lana suffer and even before she collaborates with the A.N.S.U she, Sarma and Effychia do. Like many others she is very athletic being skilled in martial arts and gymnastics whilst her intolerance towards Lana impresses her leaders be they the collaborators or the main masterminds in the dictatorship.

Her intolerance towards Lana is further accelerated because the Fox Junta are allies with the resistance who persecute Romanians, Latvians, some English animals and some American ones, Germans, Greeks and some Turkish in the territory they control however behind her love for Alfred she is very sadistic and active in abuse of prisoners even adopting some of the methods she and her friends used on Lana on prisoners. Her friendship though with Alfred shows a more collaborative side to enemies yet she refuses to disown her allies. If there's one thing that Christa loves more than abusing, humiliating and committing other mistreatment of prisoners of war it's seeing the women in the resistance as prisoners of war and she loves it even more seeing male members of the Road Rovers as P.O.W's. Despite her physique though Christa is very physically strong but in the case of the leader of the women's faction of the Mujahideen Shohreh Christa's strength and agility is not enough and she escapes. She also loves listening to the screams of captured resistance members when many of them are tortured enjoying it as much as her allies. In the end though she is more accepting than her friends of arrest and though Christa and Alfred are on opposite sides he visits her in prison.

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