"COMPANY, SOUND OFF!" Hathi in the 1967 Disney adaptation of The Jungle Book.

Colonel Hathi the Indian Elephant is a supporting character from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and its respective film adaptation in 1967. Unlike other characters such as Bagheera and Shere Khan, Hathi does not appear in the 2016 live action film.


He is a traditional Indian Elephant with grey skin and white tusks which is also shown on traditionally male elephants. In his original appearances, Hathi is a regular Indian Elephant but in his return in the Anthro Saga, he wears dark green trousers, a white shirt and a dark green military tunic dappled with medals including the Victoria Cross.


The Mammal Wars:

Alongside Niju, Hathi does not appear in The Mammal Wars but he is used as inspiration for the character of Blykrinin, the leader of the wild and big cat brigade first met by Seslinian in Call of the Cats thanks to both characters running their factions like military units.

In the case of Niju, he is the inspiration for the primary antagonist of Defenders of Earth and the rival of Venia, Lord of the Skies, Nelarth, Lord of the Black.

The Anthro Saga

Jungle Book - Colonel Hathi's March01:53

Jungle Book - Colonel Hathi's March

The march that is commonly used as a marching song by Hathi's unit.

In the 1967 film adaptation of The Jungle Book, Hathi runs his elephant herd like a military unit and his Anthro Saga counterpart is no different because in the series he is a commander in the Animalian Army and in fact is the Chief of the General Staff of the Animalian Army. He is also one of three very large animals to be involved in the General Staff alongside a rhinoceros and a hippopotamus. In addition, while the Jungle Patrol seem to march constantly in The Jungle Book, Hathi's drills are not as common.

He also continues to lead his herd like a military unit but is less forgetful and boastful but is still just as pompous and hot tempered. In The Jungle Book, he appears to have a sense of contempt for humans like Shere Khan but in the Anthro Saga Hathi now has a prejudice for certain animals, in particular meerkats, lions, and to an extent, hyenas which disappear when he is reinstated as the Chief of the General Staff.

During the dictatorship, Hathi and his elephants are forced to flee back to India where they impose martial law on the jungle which is lifted the instant Mechanikat is overthrown and he returns to Animalia. But in contrast to most General Staff chiefs, Hathi regularly participates in parades where his unit regularly sings his march alongside other animals in particular elephants, rhinos and hippopotami.

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